Choose Your Resolve on How to Upload GIFs to Instagram with Elaborated Steps

GIFs are widely used on the internet because of how they approach the users. Unlike having a plain text delivered to someone you can add GIFs to brighten the text. Also, to show what is the real intention of your message. But in some cases, you can't post or add GIFs to platforms like Instagram because the format is not supported today. Although this might be a bit of a problem to us, there are different ways on how to post GIFs on Instagram so if you follow this article, you will find it later. Before we can set off, we must determine which resolution is the best, be it to use third-party GIF libraries to post or add GIFs, convert GIFs to a new format, or create your own GIF.

Lägg upp en GIF på Instagram

Part 1. How to Post a GIF on Instagram Using GIPHY


GIPHY is one of the largest libraries that generates a large number of GIFs you can access for free. Also, it supports creating GIFs and readymade as well. Also, you can share the GIFs you just made here if you sign up. But you can only share GIFs if you copy the link of the GIFs and in numerous cases when they copy the link, instead of having animated GIFs they get an error to the link because it is not supported. So, to prevent this from happening, you must follow the steps below to share the GIFs you want. Learn how to upload GIFs to Instagram med hjälp av GIPHY.

Steg 1. Go to the main webpage of GIPHY on the internet.

Steg 2. Choose your desired GIFs in the list. Then click the share button and click the copy link.

Steg 3. Paste the link to the message and the GIFs will be shown after it's been fully loaded.

Part 2. Top 2 Alternative Ways to Convert GIF to MP4

1. FVC gratis video till GIF Maker

This tool can convert GIFs and also make GIFs. FVC gratis video till GIF Maker has been developed by the FVC to be better than the online tool. This tool gives you the chance to edit the GIF and make it better if you want it to be. Also, it supports more formats to be converted than the online converter. But unlike the ultimate converter below it has no editing features like enhancing the quality of GIFs and more. So, if you want to try this tool then you must follow the steps below as we indicate the procedure on how to add GIFs to Instagram stories.

Steg 1. First you must download the tool to your PC or Mac. Follow the set-up process and click finish.

Steg 2. Launch the tool, then click the Lägg till fil to insert the GIF file you want to be converted.

Launch The Tool

Steg 3. Afterwards, click the Profil and choose the format you want it to be.

Afterwards Click The Profile

Steg 4. Klicka på Konvertera för att starta omvandlingsprocessen.

The Conversion

Steg 5. Locate the file into your file manager. Then you can now add the converted GIF to the post without copying the link.

Leta upp filen

2. FVC Video Converter Ultimate

An all-out exclusive tool that is readily available to be acquired by you, FVC Video Converter Ultimate. Unlike any tools that are listed in this article, FVC Video Converter Ultimate is the king of converting, making, enhancing and more. So, if you're looking for the top-of-the-line tool then FVC Video Converter Ultimate must be your go to. Moreover, this tool receives a lot of praises to the customers who avail this tool. Without further ado, let's proceed now on how to convert gif to mp4 to post on Instagram by following the steps dictated below, follow it accordingly and let the converting begin.

Steg 1. Download this desktop tool to your drive. After downloading the ultimate converter, you will need to install it, modify the setup, and click finish to save the changes and launch the tool.

Steg 2. After launching the tool, click the plus sign in the middle of the interface to add the file you want to be converted.

After Launching The Tool

Steg 3. If the file is already inserted on the interface, you can now start changing the format in the undermeny.

Start Changing the Format

Steg 4. And now the file is ready to be converted, locate the Konvertera alla to start the process of conversion.

Start The Process Of Conversion

Steg 5. To use the converted GIF format and post it on Instagram, look it up on the file explorer and post the GIF without having the link next to it.

Use The Converted GIF Format

Best GIF Maker Featured by the FVC Video Converter Ultimate

If you feel like doing your own GIFs then you are lucky to have FVC Video Converter Ultimate by your side. Because it allows its users to create beautiful, hilarious and extreme GIFs to be unique than the other GIFs. So, to know how to make a GIF for Instagram you must follow the steps below.

Steg 1. To locate the GIF Maker, you must go to the Verktygslåda of this software.

Gå till Verktygslådan

Steg 2. Click it, and then click the Video till GIF icon to add the video file you want to be transformed into a GIF.

Add The Video File

Steg 3. tryck på trollstav button to add magic to your GIF. In its editing features, you can do the rotating eller cropping, add effects or filters, watermark and subtitles. If you are done, click the OK to save the editing you've made.

The Wand Button To Add Magic

Steg 4. You can watch the first 10 seconds of the finished product, if you click the Förhandsvisning. If everything is already settled, click the Skapa GIF.

Everything Is Already Settled

Steg 5. It will take a couple of seconds and be done. Go now and share the GIF you just made to be posted on Instagram or to your friends and dominate the world of GIFs.

Share The GIF

Part 3. Maker and Generator for Instagram GIF Apps

1. GIPHY Cam

Giphy Cam

If you want to add stickers but in the form of GIF you must try to use GIPHY Cam. Unlike the GIPHY, GIPHY Cam is made to generate a lot of moving stickers so the users can choose which one they want to use. But this is one part of GIPHY so expect a lot of choices if you choose this web tool.

2. GIF Maker

GIF Maker

Another feature of GIPHY is this GIF Maker. Just by using this tool you can create a GIF to share on Instagram. Before you can access the maker, you will need to sign-in first and this will be your account to their website. Remember, that if you sign-up to this online tool you are giving them the information about you. But there are no cases of leaking data in this tool, still you need to be careful because your privacy is classified.


Best Online GIF Maker

Part 4. FAQs about Posting a GIF on Instagram

Does converting GIF into a video format reduce the quality?

As a matter of fact, some converters reduce the quality of the file you just converted. But if you use FVC Video Converter Ultimate the quality of the GIF will still retain. But you can enhance the quality of it later on the Video Enhancer under the Toolbar.

What is the highest fps you can post on Instagram?

The highest fps you can add in this platform is 30 fps. Although you can go lesser on fps but the quality will be reduced when it is posted.

Why did the GIF converted file become bigger than its natural size?

Because GIFs are a lot smaller than the other video sizes. But GIFs support lesser color pallets, less fps, bitrate, and low in resolution. Want to compress your GIFs, click här för att lära dig mer information.


In the end, we now understand how to fix this type of problem if we encounter it again in the future. But some of the ideas gathered here are okay but there is one that stands out among any other. That tool is the FVC Video Converter Ultimate if converting is not your forte then create GIFs here. You can do it without signing-up to the tool and also it is much safer than the online tools. So, if you want to experience the full features of the tool then you must download it right now.

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