Get to know the Basics About the AMR Format Recorder Apps

AMR or also known as Adaptive Multi-Rate is a lossy format. This type of file contains voice recording, MMS messages and such. It was made specifically for 3G phones only but now you can open it with the other media player that supports this format. Moreover, users encounter trouble choosing what is the best AMR recorder that fits their demands. So, this article talks about the tools that are all based on your specification, steps, information and many more. Read this write-up to know what is the best for you as their future customer. Without any more delay let’s now proceed.

دستگاه ضبط AMR

Part 1. Best AMR Recorder for Windows and Mac

ضبط کننده صوتی رایگان FVC

ضبط کننده صوتی رایگان FVC

An online tool that allows you to record any calls, jamming sessions, voice over, and many more. ضبط کننده صوتی رایگان FVC is a tool developed by the FVC which allows the user to experience a better recording online. This tool does the task as an audio recorder. If you have a doubt about this tool, why don’t you try it first. So, without any more explanation, let’s explore this incredible tool and learn from it by following this simple step provided to you.

مرحله 1 را فشار دهید ارتباط دادن to go to the main website. Don’t worry, it is malware free.

گام 2. launch the tool by clicking شروع به ضبط کنید.

Launch tool

مرحله 3 A toolbar like this will show to your screen. It only means that the tool is already running.

Display on screen

مرحله 4 The tool bar has a گوینده to add the sound in the system and میکروفون for your voice. If you’re ready click the round button to شروع کنید.

صدا و میکروفون

مرحله 5 If recording is already finished, click the مکعب shape button to stop the recording. It will be automatically saved in your storage. If you want to re-listen again the recording click the سه خط below and the recording list will show the first one that is the latest.

Cube shape

Part 2. 4 Best Alternatives Tools for AMR Recorder for Windows and Mac

1. ضبط صفحه FVC

If you are looking for the best mp3, amr, wav, ac3 audio recorder then this is for you. No need to look for the other tools, instead focus on what this tool can provide. Because this tool is the one-and-only ضبط صفحه FVC. This is the finest premium video-audio recorder that most people use as their first-choice recorder. Not only that, maybe you’re wondering why you should use this tool as your personal recorder. Then it is an honor to introduce this tool and provide these easy steps for you. Without further ado let’s proceed to the steps. Follow it thoroughly to become a pro in recording.

مرحله 1 Choose between the platform that you’re currently using. Download it then install. Change the اولویت ها according to your wants and click the تمام کنید نجات دادن.

گام 2. After launching the tool, A floating toolbar like this will show in your display. Then click the ضبط کننده صدا برای ادامه.

Audio rec

مرحله 3 پیدا کن دنده icon to go to the settings. Change the Audio output to the format you want and adjust other options then click خوب نجات دادن.

Gear icon

مرحله 4 In the toolbar, click the سیستم صدا و میکروفون to add the audio system and your voice. If everything is done, now you’re ready to go. Click the round REC دکمه برای شروع ضبط.

Turn speaker

مرحله 5 If everything is settled and done, click the box button to stop the recording. Click the صرفه جویی و بعد to save the final output. If you want to recap your recording then click the parallel line and a history of your recording will show.

End the recording

2. Audacity

غم و اندوه

Another audio recording tool. غم و اندوه is a bit complicated if you're new to the interface but in later days you’ll get onto this. You may as well record and edit it, like merging audio tracks. But the program has a limited mixing ability and the files for installation of the tool are separated for the plug-ins and encoders.

3. Wavosaur


واوسور has tools to record and edit, such as copy, trimming, splitting etc. This tool can do the most complicated things like music arrangement, complex beat, and many more. If you’ve been troubled on how to use the tool because you’re not familiar with it, it also provides a video tutorial for you to understand.

4. Adobe Audition

Adobe audition

This tool is most commonly used in industrial recording. If money is no issue to you then Adobe Audition is a good tool for music producing. It provides precise editing of the music, cleaning it up, sound design and others. But the tool can’t provide you a one-time payment and it has an overwhelming User Interface. So, you must be prepared if you want to try using the tool.

قسمت 3. نمودار مقایسه

Feature/sضبط کننده صوتی رایگان FVCضبط صفحه FVCغم و اندوهواوسورAdobe Audition
ضبط صداعلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت تیک
Noise Cancelationعلامت متقاطععلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت متقاطععلامت تیک
ابزارهای ویرایشعلامت متقاطععلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت تیک
Microphone Enhancementعلامت متقاطععلامت تیکعلامت تیکعلامت متقاطععلامت تیک
SpecialtySimple yet efficient recordingMore options are provided to users rather than the free version with professional output. Yet it is easy to use with professional output.Basic effects, editing and adding.Editing tools to play, stop, record, rewind and more.comprehensive toolset.
قالب/های موجودMP3 and AMRMP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AMR, Opus and many more.WAV, AIFF, and MP3WAV and MP3AC-3, M4A, MAT, VOX, W64, WAV, and many more
حدود قیمتIt is a free online toolبه مدت 1 ماه: $25.00
برای یک سال: $31.20
برای مجوز مادام العمر: $55.20
نرم افزار قابل بارگیری رایگاننرم افزار قابل بارگیری رایگان$27.62/moment, for annual
$315.61/years, for annual
$41.43/monthly plan

Part 4. FAQs about AMR Recorder

What are the different types of AMR files?

Amr has two types of format standards the AMR-NB and the AMR-WB.
AMR-NB is a narrowband version or known as the basic version. It includes a low bitrate that you may have on MP3 that ranges from 300 to 3400 that are most commonly used for traditional telephones. Examples of its bitrate are:06.70 kbps, 07.40 kbps, 07.95 kbps, 10.20 kbps, 12.20 kbps.
While the AMR-WB occupies a much broader bandwidth. It stores more quality audio than the NB, the range of it is from 50 to 7000 Hz. Because of its wide range frequency GSM and UMTS use this to optimize. Here are some lists of the bitrates it used:15.85 kbps, 18.25 kbps, 19.85 kbps, 23.05 kbps, 23.85 kbps.

Why can't my AMR be open in my media player?

Like any other file formats, some of the media players don't support this type of format. So, if you want to play your AMR recordings, پخش کننده رایگان فیلم FVC might help you to play it.

Is AMR a compressed file format?

Yes, it is a compress audio codec format for speech coding.


To wind-up the write up, this said tools have their own different abilities and uniqueness. But not all of them are the best choice for beginners. So, if you want to know the best recorder that is chosen by the beginner and the expert also. FVC Screen Recorder is a multifunctional tool that allows you to do what you want to do. It doesn’t limit the user to your border. But it helps you to go more and step out in your safe zone. So what are you waiting for, this special tool will not be a burden to you but will be your great help.


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