Best MP4 Screen Recorder to Record MP4 Formats on PC & Mac Platforms

Most of the video file users save is in the file format of MP4. Because of its flexibility, efficiency and storage it is a better choice than the other formats. So, thinking about the function of the tool,maybe you’re thinking that it consumes more storage. But to be honest it doesn’t eat more storage; in fact, the audio and video are compressed separately. So, expect a high quality of output. This file format is used by different users all over the world. So, if you want to know what are the best MP4 video recorders available on the web, you must continue reading this article because it contains a review about the tool you might find over the web whether it is an online tool or offline. Without any more explanation, let's proceed to the answer of your questions.

ضبط کننده MP4

Part 1. Best MP4 Recorder Online for Free

ضبط صفحه نمایش FVC رایگان

ضبط صفحه نمایش FVC رایگان

This online tool is used by many other users over the internet. ضبط صفحه نمایش FVC رایگان is an open-source tool that you may access just by using your favorite search engine. This tool already helps a million users in the entire world. This mp4 screen recorder is a top-notch tool over online. So, if you don’t want to download the tool because you only need it one time. Follow the steps below because this will be your guide on your journey on how this tool works.

مرحله 1 این را کلیک کنید ارتباط دادن to go to the official webpage of the tool. Click the شروع به ضبط کنید button to launch the tool.

Recording start

گام 2. A toolbar like this will be displayed on your screen.

Floating tool bar

مرحله 3 Click the settings دنده icon to adjust it based on your desired output. To save the adjustment click خوب.

Gear icon

مرحله 4 Before starting recording, adjust the frame size or click تمام صفحه for full-action. Other functions available like turning on the وبکم to add your face, to add the system sound click the گوینده, and lastly it also has an mp4 voice recorder if you are on the میکروفون. Proceed by clicking the round REC دکمه.

Before starting

مرحله 5 If you want to end the recording click the مربع button to stop. All of the recordings will automatically be saved over to your storage. But if you want to check it, click the history below the rec button and the list will show up.

End the recording

Part 2. 2 Alternative MP4 Recorders Available for Windows and Mac

1. ضبط صفحه FVC

The free version of this tool can handle the work but it can’t handle the work of the big-boys just like this tool can do. ضبط صفحه FVC is also known as the new era of recorders. This tool allows the user to do more than video recording. You may as well do audio recording and gaming recording. These two are so impressive but the gaming recording is something that a gamer must have. It can capture every detailed action, montage, highlights and many more. You may as well do a tutorial with it. But without any more explanation, give way to the best screen recorder for saving your MP4 . Here are some steps on how to use this, so you must follow it from the start of the road up to the end of the journey.

مرحله 1 Download the software and choose between the two programs. After that, install the tool. Change the preferences based on your wants and click پایان دادن برای راه اندازی ابزار

گام 2. A toolbar will pop-up to your screen like this. It only means that the tool is already running in your program. Click the ضبط ویدئو ادامه.

Pop up tool bar

مرحله 3 کلیک کنید بر روی دندانه icon to change the output of your desired format. Adjust the other options if needed, to save the modified options click the خوب.

Click the cog

مرحله 4 In the main toolbar, you may as well select a region on your screen or Full-screen for the full display action. If you turn on the وبکم, you will be added to the recording, to add the system sound, turn on the سیستم صدا و میکروفون to add your voice. If you're ready to go click the دیسک شکل دکمه شروع ضبط

منطقه را انتخاب کنید

مرحله 5 If recording is already done or you want to end it, click the مربع button to stop. To save the recording, click the صرفه جویی button and change the place where you want it to be put and click بعد to be saved. To re-watch the recording you just made, click the parallel line and a recording list will show to your screen. Click the first recording on the list because that is the latest.

Recording already

2. Snagit


Another tool that allows the user like you to do the recording. اسنگیت became popular because it is superb at doing screenshots. It is simple to use yet can do the work of a screen recorder. To know more about the tool itself is to click this ارتباط دادن provided to you.

Part 3. MP4 Recorder on the Web


Screen castify

This screen recorder is an extension of Google chrome. Screencastify can record a short video. The free version of it allows you to record approximately 5 minutes. Unlike the ضبط صفحه نمایش FVC رایگان that allows you to record without a limit. But also, it has a premium version that allows you to do the recording longer and basic editing tools are included.

Part 4. MP4 Recorder App for Mobile Devices

1. Record it!

Record it

This tool is only available over mobile devices only and also pay-to use. این را ضبط کن! is an offline application available over mobile devices like your iPhones and iPads. This apple app allows you to record any montage, highlights, tutorials, and more with basic video editing. After the recording you may add your face on it to add your reaction towards the video. Want to know more about MP4 players for Android devices, click here to have a check.

2. DU Recorder

DU recorder

Another MP4 recorder you may see in mobile devices is the ضبط کننده DU. An app that allows you to do live streaming while playing. These major platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube support the live streaming of this tool. So instead of saving the video, you can stream it online by using this tool.

Part 5. FAQs about MP4 Recorder

What is the best media player should I use that supports all the formats?

Without any doubt, پخش کننده رایگان فیلم FVC is the best media player that you may find over the internet. It can be played over all the available formats on the internet.

Is MP4 a good file format?

Unlike any other format available, this type of format is a lossy format that contains video, audio, subtitles, still images and text without losing any data and the unique quality of the file. And almost all media players support playing MP4 videos. Read on Best MP4 Players to find your desired one to enjoy your MP4 videos.

What is the frame rate of MP4?

The frame rate that MP4 locked-in is 24 frames per second. To make it look more realistic while playing it over your devices.


To conclude all the data, tools, steps and information delivered to you. This is the sum up of all the details above. That all these tools provided to you have their unique features that will fit your demand as their user or customer. In such a way, maybe you're still confused on what is the best tool you should use as an MP4 video recorder because of the options.

But don’t be so confused because FVC Screen Recorder is there for you. This guy can do the hard work to an easy one but the output is still like the other professional tools or greater than the tools mentioned in this article. So, don’t think twice and choose wisely.


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