Top 10 AI Chatbots Worth Using in 2024 [For Everyday Use]

The specialized computer programs, chatbots, can engage with people through audio or text. These programs simulate human interactions by applying artificial intelligence or AI. The most advanced technologies in this field are often so well-designed that they closely resemble human interactions. Meanwhile, in the past year, the birth of ChatGPTs has brought significant attention to the world of AI writing tools. Although they have yet to achieve global dominance, these tools are undergoing fast development. Aside from that, they are also reaching a stage where their utility is particularly undeniable when applied judiciously.

Moreover, these AI text generators have the potential to enhance productivity when harnessed appropriately. In addition, they can accelerate work processes and produce refined, brand-consistent content because many seek the best chatbot. This is why various AI chatbot platforms are available in the market, catering to multiple types of uses. Therefore, let's explore the top 10 AI chat bot platforms currently available in the market:

Top AI Chatbot

Part 1. Top 10 Chat AI Apps Worth Trying

Top 1. ChatGPT

Chat AI Chats ChatGPT

ChatGPT must come to your mind first if you know something about chatbots. ChatGPT of OpenAI encompasses two models: OpenAI GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. This tool is a user-friendly yet remarkable AI response generator. It can engage with users, craft diverse content, and offer creative ideas. Furthermore, the OpenAI GPT-4 stands out for its extensive training on a vast dataset, enhancing its flexibility and accuracy in responding to prompts. Upon initiating a conversation with the system, it retains the topic and leverages previous messages for contextual understanding. With this chat OpenAI, you can save conversations on the left-hand side of the screen. This facilitates easy navigation between them, allowing you to share fascinating exchanges with others.


◆ Nearly 100 natural languages support.

◆ Immersive size of database.

◆ Numerous integrations.

◆ Personalized responses.

Compatibility: Browsers, Smartphones, computers.

Pricing: Free; Plus- $20; and Paid plans with various amounts depending on number of tokens.


  • Versatile capabilities
  • Informal conversational style
  • Extensive reservoir of information


  • The information is accessible for ChatGPT-3.5 is limited to data up to its last update.
  • Factual inaccuracies may arise.

Top 2. Bard by Google

Chat AI Chats Bard

Next on the list you must try is Google Bard, a nice alternative to ChatGPT. This Google chat AI allows you to modify prompts even after sending them and offers three drafts for each response. This feature enables you to choose the most appropriate version based on your requirements. Additionally, you have the option to export the prompts in fully formatted form to a Google Doc or as a Gmail draft for convenient sharing.


◆ Natural language translator.

◆ Poems, musical pieces, and scripts generator.

◆ Deep contextual understanding.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile devices, computers.

Pricing: Free.


  • With independent information retrieval.
  • Various response drafts to enhance transparency and user understanding.
  • It comes with an image generator.


  • It has a limited history tracker.
  • It needs more precise responses.

Top 3. Lyro AI

Chat AI Chats Lyro

Another chat GPT app that offers an exceptional conversational AI chatbot is Lyro AI. It utilizes deep learning to enhance your customer support and boost sales. This advanced bot initiates natural conversations with website visitors, and the best part is that there's no need for manual training. Furthermore, the bot autonomously learns to address up to 80% of frequently asked questions, optimizing efficiency without incurring additional hiring expenses.


◆ Smart views.

◆ Live chat.

◆ Elevated customer support.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile devices, computers.

Pricing: Free; Paid-$39/month.


  • It used a training feature.
  • It uses NLP chatbots.
  • Bot conversation templates.


  • Challenging integration.
  • With data security and privacy concerns.
  • Limited human touch.

Top 4. Drift

Chat AI Chats Drift

If you are into business, this next chatbot is useful for you. Drift chatbot assists B2B firms in initiating conversations with other businesses, offering personalized user experiences and real-time engagement. This bot facilitates the collection of valuable shopper data to enhance understanding of buyer behavior and improve connections with target audiences. Additionally, the AI chatbot streamlines customer service by scheduling meetings with potential clients, enabling faster reach to decision-makers.


◆ Multilingual capabilities.

◆ Accurate responses to complex questions.

◆ Real-time visibility.

◆ AI support services.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile devices, computers.

Pricing: Free; Premium-$2,500/mo.


  • Excellent customer support.
  • Other tools integrations.
  • It offers options for scheduling meetings.


  • It has a pricey premium account.
  • It comes with limited filters for chat separation.

Top 5. Jasper Chat

Chat AI Chats Jasper

Here’s another top-tier AI online chat, text generator, and versatile chatbot, the Jasper Chat. This chatbot can produce various content formats, such as blog posts, YouTube scripts, reports, emails, and more. You can utilize existing templates or start a new document from the ground up. Employing natural language processing, Jasper ensures grammatical accuracy and guards against plagiarism in its responses. Additionally, it offers text summarization and recommends follow-up articles on related subjects.


◆ API access.

◆ Document and team spaces collaboration.

◆ It comes with customizable templates.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile devices

Pricing: Free trial; Creator- $39/mo; Pro-$59/mo.


  • It offers more than 50 writing templates.
  • It is an equipped plagiarism checker.


  • This chatbot website needs more contextual understanding.
  • Faces challenges when dealing with ambiguous or complex questions.

Top 6. Microsoft Bing Chat AI

Chat AI Chats Bing

Microsoft Bing AI employs the OpenAI GPT-4 model to enhance the web search and chatting experience. It seamlessly integrates internet searches with prompt processing, delivering responses accompanied by source links. Additionally, Bing Chat can display images in the chat window for prompts that demand visual content. Unlike its predecessor, ChatGPT, Bing Chat has overcome challenges related to staying updated on current events.


◆ Visual AI search.

◆ GPT-4 language model.

◆ Microsoft Edge Copilot.

◆ Third-party integrations.

Compatibility: Browsers (Online Searches)

Pricing: Free.


  • This Bing AI chatbot offers source links for better information verification.
  • It supplies current event data.
  • It displays image results directly in the chat.


  • Unexpected conversation terminations.
  • It has a 30-message limit per conversation.

Top 7. ChatSpot

Chat AI Chats Chatspot

Next on the line is this chatSpot. It is an AI chat by HubSpot that seamlessly performs tasks such as running reports, creating tasks, and researching leads upon command. Integrated with your HubSpot data, ChatSpot ensures instant access to relevant information. This free AI chatbot aids in composing and publishing blog posts through natural language prompts. Its integration with Google Drive expedites document creation, enhancing team productivity.


◆ NLP capabilities with Hubspot CRM.

◆ Customizable branding and designs.

◆ Real-time communication.

◆ Automated appointment and scheduling.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile phones.

Pricing: Free Online.


  • It has robust analytics data and reports.
  • It comes with comprehensive keyword research features.
  • This AI chatbot has an effective company and leads research capabilities.


  • It is still in the alpha stage and undergoing testing.
  • Slower performance has been recorded.

Top 8. MobileMonkey

Chat AI Chats Mobilemonkey

If you want to use a social media chatbot, then this MobileMonkey can lend you a hand. This AI chatbot ensures a seamless omnichannel experience on Instagram, WhatsApp, webchat, and Messenger. It enables customer support availability across preferred platforms. Furthermore, this MobileMonkey centralizes inbound and outbound communication for your e-commerce business and streamlining operations. Moreover, it facilitates business scalability through diverse automation and third-party integrations.


◆ Multi-user management.

◆ Integration and automation toolbox.

◆ Q&A triggers.

◆ Variable customization.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile phones.

Pricing: Free; Platinum-$19/mo; Startup Edition-$119/mo.


  • It comes with easy integration with Facebook and Instagram.
  • It lets you access its ready-to-use templates.
  • It offers a simplified setup.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface via a plugin.


  • It has restricted advanced analytics capabilities.
  • Its onboarding process needs to be enhanced.
  • It lacks conditions for AI chatbot usage.

Top 9. GitHub Copilot

Chat AI Chats Github

We are giving you this GitHub Copilot as one of the best AI applications in this list. This app excels in code writing and autocompletion. Moreover, it utilizes the OpenAI Codex model, differentiating itself from ChatGPT. GitHub Copilot seamlessly integrates into your IDE, offering autocomplete suggestions as you code. Also, it provides intelligent recommendations for functions or comments based on your input.


◆ Code autocompletion.

◆ Multiple language support.

◆ IDEs integration.

◆ Doccumentation assistance.

Compatibility: Browsers and mobile phones.

Pricing: Free trial; Individual-$10/mo; Business-$19/mo; Enterprise-$39/mo.


  • Its code suggestions are comment-based.
  • It has vulnerable security filtering.
  • It comes with multiple code versions available.


  • Its software-generated code may pose security risks.
  • It has a non-conversational nature.

Top 10. Personal AI

Chat AI Chats Personal

Finally, this Personal AI chatbot completes our list. Immediately upon use, the Personal AI tailors content to your preferences and provides a personalization score with each message. Furthermore, this free online AI chatbot can assist you in chatting, composing emails on your behalf, and generating content in your unique voice. What sets it apart is that it learns about you by analyzing messages, documents, links, and other content you share during conversations.


◆ Context-aware answers.

◆ Task automation.

◆ Natural language understanding.

◆ Various services and application integrations.

Compatibility: Browsers, mobile devices, computers, smart speakers.

Pricing: Free; Pro-40/mo.


  • It tailors itself to the communication style of the user.
  • It delivers an excellent user experience.
  • It provides a personalized score for messages.


  • It has a limited out-of-the-box knowledge.
  • Its comparison to alternatives exhibits weaker functionality.

Part 2. FAQs About AI Chatbots

Is there a free AI chatbot app?

Yes, free AI chatbot apps are available, just like GitHub, ChatGPT, Bing, MobileMonkey, and more.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

The comparison of these two depends on the use case, as they serve different purposes. Each exhibits good performance in their purpose. For example, in the scale of data freshness, Google certainly wins, for ChatGPT only has data up to 2022.

Is ChatGPT safe to use?

With all fairness, ChatGPT is generally considered safe to use within appropriate guidelines.


AI chatbots are increasingly popular for all types of use. This phenomenon may be beneficial but dangerous, as it can endanger human knowledge. Nevertheless, the list above is your best source if you require the best one.

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