A Walkthrough Guide You Should Consider in Converting M2TS to FLV [Offline & Online]

Media files like VOB, WMV, and MOV are all examples of M2TS. What exactly is M2TS? As it turns out, M2TS is a shorthand for MPEG-2 Transparent Stream. High-definition videos on Blu-ray discs, AVCHD, etc., can be stored in this container format. While FLV is a file with the extension .flv is an abbreviation for Flash Video. The FLV file extension refers to a video or audio file transmitted over the internet using the Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air. These two video files might be unfamiliar to your ears, but to convert M2TS to FLV, you first need to know the use of these two video formats and all the choices you should consider in converting. Get your mind ready and enlightened to every information you will read.


Part 1. How to Convert M2TS to FLV on Windows and Mac

With Video Converter Ultimate, converting M2TS to FLV on both Windows and Mac is a cinch. MP4/MOV/M4V/FLV/M4K/MTS/M2TS/ASF/MP3/VOB/AAC are just a few of the many popular video formats and audio formats that this powerful program supports. Your high-definition videos can be converted to popular formats like FLV in a matter of seconds while maintaining their original quality. It has a batch conversion feature that allows you to convert many files without losing quality. Assuming you've already familiarized yourself with the software, you can now learn all the necessary steps to convert successfully:

Step 1: First, click the Free Download button below to download the software on your computer. Then, after you finish downloading the software, install it on your computer, you will see a window pop up on your screen that informs the software is ready to use. Click Start Now to run the software.

Step 2: Second, after you run the software, it will lead you to the software's main interface, the Converter Menu.

Open File Video Converter

Step 3: To upload a file, click the + icon at the middle of the interface, or you can just drag a video from your computer.

Add File To Convert

Step 4: After uploading an M2TS file to the converter, navigate to the Convert All to the menu in the top right corner of the window and click it. A new window will appear that presents all the different kinds of formats the software supports, then choose FLV video format from the category list of Video.

Converting Process

Step 5: If you still can't decide what quality to use because the quality you're looking for is not available on the choices. You can click the gear icon and change all the adjustments on bitrate, resolution, frame rate, etc. When you're satisfied with all the changes, you can now click Convert All to start converting your video file.

Export The File

Part 2. Other Free and Effective Ways to Convert M2TS to FLV Online

Free Video Converter Online is an online tool suitable for converting video formats like FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, MTS, ASF, VOB, etc., with faster speed than other converting platforms. Despite its brief phase converting process, this online tool exports a video file without any problems in its quality. Without any further explanation, let's now dig into all the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Click this link to proceed with the main website of the Free Video Converter Online.

Step 2: Then click the Add Files to Convert button to upload the M2TS video file you want to convert to FLV video format.

Add Files To Convert

Step 3: After you upload a file, you will see a pop-up window above your screen that asks for permission about downloading the launcher for you to use the online tool. Click the downloaded launcher to install it on your computer and start converting.

Download The Launcher

Step 4: Choose the FLV video format from the selection of formats below the interface. Also, you can edit the quality of your video output by clicking the gear icon next to the video format you chose. Another window will pop up that contains the bit rate, resolution, and frame rate. Start to adjust them and if once you finish adjusting, click OK and proceed with converting it.

Choose Format And Adjust

Step 5: You can now convert the file by clicking the Convert button at the right bottom of the window.

Convert The File

Part 3. Comparison Between M2TS and FLV

Video container format M2TS is used to store high-definition videos on Blu-ray Discs, AVCHD, hard drives, and other devices that support the MPEG-2 transport stream. Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video (BDAV) is the name given to this format due to its widespread use in Blu-ray discs. For the sake of reducing the size of the data. Instead of using CBR transport streams, VBR transport streams are used (constant rate) because of the high-quality audio and video content contained within M2TS files; VideoStudio Pro is an excellent application for editing M2TS files.

File Extension M2TS FLV
File Type Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video MPEG-2 Transport Stream Flash Video File
Developed By Blu-ray Disc Association Adobe System
Pros An MPEG-2 transport stream-based high-definition Blu-ray BDAV video file; used to store video data on Blu-ray discs; supports 720p/1080i resolutions. A prevalent video format, FLV is used by tens of thousands of websites, offers a wide range of additional features, and produces smaller file sizes than most other video formats. FLV files are excellent for delivering high-quality video at a fast rate.
Cons An m2ts file cannot contain chapters. They’re kept somewhere else in the Bluray folder structure. It is necessary to have flash plug-ins installed to play flash file files online.
Programs open the Video Format ◆ALLPlayer
◆VLC Media Player
◆VLC Media Player
◆Adobe Flash Player

Part 4. FAQs about Converting M2TS to FLV

How do I play an M2TS file?

Windows Media Player, SMPlayer, 5KPlayer, Splash, and File Viewer Plus can play M2TS files. Some M2TS players are compatible with a variety of operating systems. VideoLAN VLC media player, for example, can play M2TS files on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is FLV a suitable recording format?

Adobe Flash Player uses the FLV file format. One of the most popular and versatile video formats supports all video platforms and browsers. Online video streaming platforms such as YouTube benefit from using the FLV format. They're easy to download, thanks to their small file size. Click here to learn more FLV recorders available.

Is FLV still used?

Videos, banner ads, animations, and live streams are all options. It has been a long since flash movies, and they use clips on the internet. However, even though the FLV format is on its way out, it continues to be a video standard for internet users worldwide.


To conclude the discussion, we all think there's no kind of converter available to convert M2TS to FLV. Still, this article will correct you after all by introducing the two best converters you need to consider using, Free Video Converter Online or Video Converter Ultimate. These two converters are nothing you can ask for since it offers you all the possible professional-wise tools and features that can help you from converting a file to transforming a file into better looks.


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