How to Easily Make an Image Transparent in Google Slides

Are you prepping a Google Slides presentation and aiming to level up your visuals with transparent images? Look no further! This basic guide will walk you through how to make images transparent in Google Slides, adding a sleek touch to your presentation. Whether you want to overlay images seamlessly or create a polished look, these simple steps will enhance your design effortlessly. Let's elevate your presentation game – follow along and give your slides that professional edge!

How to Make an Image Transparent in Google Slides

Part 1. How to Make Image Transparent in Google Slides

Knowing how to make images transparent in Google Slides is crucial for presentation design as it adds a layer of visual appeal. Transparent images seamlessly integrate into slides, allowing for creative overlay effects and enhancing the overall aesthetic. This skill enables presenters to achieve a polished and professional look, making their content more engaging and memorable. To achieve this, follow the steps below:

Step 1. To enhance your Google Slides presentation with transparent images, start by inserting an image onto your slide. Use the Insert menu and select Image.

Google Slide Transparent Insert

Step 2. After adding the image, adjust its transparency by clicking on it. Select the Format Options by right-clicking on the image.

Google Slide Transparent Format Options

Step 3. In the right sidebar, find the Adjustments menu. Here, fine-tune transparency, brightness, and contrast using the sliders. Move the transparency slider right for more transparency and left for less. Adjust brightness and contrast as needed.

Google Slide Transparent Adjustments

Step 4. Once satisfied with the transparency effect, seamlessly customize your slide. You can add text boxes or make any other necessary adjustments to suit your presentation needs.

Google Slide Transparent Customize

There you are! You can now add layers on top of your transparent image. It’s now time for you to bring your creativity to the next level.

Part 2. How to Remove Image Background in Google Slides

Removing the background in Google Slides is key to making your presentations look clean and professional. It helps blend images seamlessly into your slides, making them more engaging and visually appealing. To remove image background in Google Slide, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open Google Slides in your browser and click on File > Open to upload your document to the platform.

Google Slide Open

Step 2. Head to the Toolbar, click on the Slide button, and select the Change Background option.

Google Slide Change Background

Step 3. In the new window that appears, choose the Transparent button under the Color setting, and then click Done.

Google Slide Color Settings

Changing an image background in Google Slides is truly easy. With just a snap and a few clicks, you can easily change and customize the background of your Slides.

Part 3. Alternative Tool to Erase Image Background

Upgrade your Google Slide presentations using the FVC Online Background Remover, an excellent alternative tool for erasing image backgrounds effortlessly. This online tool simplifies the process of removing backgrounds from PNG, JPG, and JPEG images, offering a seamless way to create transparent or solid-colored backgrounds. With its user-friendly features, such as the brusher for precise selection and post-removal editing options like cropping and relocating, FVC provides a creative edge for customizing visuals. To elevate your presentation now, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Visit their official website and select the Upload Image button.

Step 2. Now, after you upload the image, it will process the removal of your image’s background.

Step 3. To keep the edited result, simply click on the Download button.

With FVC Online Background Remover, you can easily remove the background of images, which can help you improve the visuals of your presentation in Google Slides. Also, it lets you add a different background to a photo to create a different presentation.

Part 4. FAQs about Making Images Transparent in Google Slides

How do you fade an image to transparent in Google Slides?

To fade an image to transparent in Google Slides, select the image you want to adjust. Then, navigate to the toolbar and click on Format > Format Options. In the right sidebar, look for the Adjustments menu and find the transparency slider. Move the slider to the right to increase transparency or to the left to reduce it. Experiment with the slider until you achieve the desired fading effect.

How do you blend a picture with the background on Slides?

Blending a picture with the background in Google Slides involves adjusting the image transparency. Select the image, go to Format > Format Options, or right-click and choose Format Options. In the right sidebar, locate the Adjustments menu and use the transparency slider. Increasing transparency allows the image to blend seamlessly with the background, creating a harmonious and visually appealing effect.

Is opacity the same as transparency?

While opacity and transparency are related concepts, they are not the same. Opacity refers to the overall level of visibility or see-through quality of an object, ranging from fully opaque to fully transparent. Transparency, on the other hand, specifically pertains to the extent to which light can pass through an object. In simpler terms, opacity is a broader term encompassing the transparency level, which focuses on the clearness or opaqueness of an object.

Can I make an image transparent on Google Slides using a mobile device?

Yes, you can make an image transparent on Google Slides using a mobile device. Open the Google Slides app, select the slide containing the image, tap on the image, and look for the Format or Edit option. From there, find the transparency settings or options to adjust the image's transparency as needed.

Is there a quick way to remove the background from an image in Google Slides?

While Google Slides itself doesn't offer a direct background removal feature, you can use external tools or websites to remove the background from an image quickly. Once the background is removed, you can then insert or paste the image into your Google Slides presentation. You can use online tools like FVC Online Background Remover that can expedite this process.


Learning how to make an image transparent in Google Slides is vital in enhancing the visual of our presentation. Relative to this, as Google Slides doesn’t have built-in features to remove image backgrounds completely, it’s necessary to explore other tools like FVC Online Background Remover and integrate their features into our creativity in making presentations.


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