4 Online Music Cutters and Mergers to Trim the Song and Combine Audio Clips

If you want to make background music for Tiktok or YouTube, how do you cut and merge songs online? When you want to combine your voice together with your favorite music or trim the desired part for the video, especially the audio files are in different formats, you can learn more about the 4 best online music cutters and mergers. Just learn more about the features and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

Cut and Merge Songs Online

Part 1: 4 Best Methods to Cut and Merge Songs Online

Method 1: Clideo

Clideo is one of the most popular methods to cut and merge songs online for MP3, WMV, and more other audio formats. It enables you to upload the audio files from your hard drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even URL. Moreover, you can apply crossfade effects for merging the music files.

Step 1: To cut and merge songs online, you can go to the audio joiner or audio cutter and select the audio files from different channels. Moreover, you can also select your file or paste it into the URL.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the song, you can type in the period to crop the audio, or add more tracks to merge. Then, you can select the desired part to be combined or deleted.

Step 3: Just listen to the songs you have merged or trimmed, you can click the Download button to download the music to your computer or a cloud storage account.

Clideo merge audio

Method 2: Soundtrap

When you need to make stunning music files as a profession, Soundtrap is an excellent online cutter and merger to add voice, microphone, piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drum, and more others. You can edit music online, in real-time, with your musician friends around the world.

Step 1: Once you have entered the Studio of Soundtrap, you can create a new project and click the Music button to import different audio clips to cut and merge songs online.

Step 2: Select the Edit menu and choose the Split region option, or the Merge region option to edit the music files. Moreover, it enables you to a mute region or an auto-tune the audio files.

Step 3: When you are satisfied with the audio file, you can adjust the audio quality and tweak MIDI settings. Preview the music file online before clicking the Save button to export the file.


Method 3: Audiotool

Audiotool has a unique and visually appealing user interface that enables you to cut and merge songs online. The collaborative online music production studio can spice up your music, combine songs, and even import the files right in your browser.

Step 1: When you import the audio files into the online music editor, you can go to the Project menu to create a new file by clicking the New button. After that, you can preview the audio within the program.

Step 2: Then you can choose the desired effects, select the suitable tool, add notes to the files, and more. After that, you can select the desired audio clip to trim and merge the songs online.

Step 3: Once you get the desired files, you can click the Publish option to export the songs to your computer, or share them to social media websites according to your requirements.


Method 4: TwistedWave

TwistedWave is a web-based audio editor, which not only enables you to cut and merge songs online but also records the audio file from YouTube. It has dozens of effects, such as VST effects, amplify, fade-in, fade-out, remove DC offset, or reverse the audio files.

Step 1: Go to the online music editor, you can import the audio files from Google Drive and more other cloud services. Then you can preview the audio files online directly.

Step 2: When you want to cut the desired part, you can grab and drag two arrows to move the audio in or out of the cut. Moreover, the two arrows are visible on each side of the cut.

Step 3: As for merging audio files online, by using the option or shift-option key combinations while double-clicking, you can add or remove whole channels from the current selection.


Part 2: Best Online Music Cutter and Merger Alternative

What should you do if you combine the audio from a video? How to combine the different audio files with the best quality? If you want to cut and merge songs online with the best effect, FVC Online Video Converter is the desired audio converter. It enables you to convert the audio and video files, customize the video bitrate, sample, frame rate, as well as resolution.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Cut and Merge Songs Online

1. Is it possible to cut and merge music from a video?

Yes. You can simply import the video into the online music cutter and merger to extract the audio files when the video formats are compatible. Of course, you can also convert the video files into audio formats beforehand.

2. When do you cut and merge songs online?

Different from professional music editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you can cut and merge songs online conveniently. You can always use the program when you have a solid Internet connection.

3. What are the best apps on iOS/Android to cut and merge music?

To cut and merge music within an iPhone or Android phone, you can also use some apps directly, such as TonePad, Medly, GarageBand, Music Maker Jam, and more others. Regardless of your skill level, you can always edit and create your music conveniently.


When you want to create some stunning songs by cutting and merging songs online, you can learn more about the 5 best methods from the article. If you want to edit the music as a profession, FVC Free Audio Convert is the best companion to convert, adjust video bitrate, sample, frame rate, resolution, and more other parameters.


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