What Are DVD Player Formats and How to Open Files with DVD Player Formats

As we all know, DVD players are able to play most movie DVDs and music CDs. Today, some DVD players also support a number of digital video and audio formats, allowing you to watch movies in certain formats through your DVD player and home theater system. By the way, what are DVD player formats? Now, Let's check descriptions for the DVD player supported video formats and to check if the DVD player you're considering is able to open your movies.

DvD Player Format

Part 1: What Are DVD Player Formats

Firstly, you should learn several concept before talking about DVD formats for DVD player. MP4, for example, is both the video format and file extension. However, MP4 files may be encoded by H.264 or H.265 format. In another word, the files with .vob, .ts or other ends you find on your DVD are not the file formats but just the file extension.

Generally speaking, the commend DVD player format is MPEG-2, also called H.222 or H.262. It also tells the compression type that you can play on your DVD player. Thanks to the common distribution, you can find it widely used around the entertainment ecosystem.

As mentioned previously, DVD players are also able to play CDs and VCDs if you connect home theater speaker system to your DVD player. Unlike DVDs, CDs and VCDs are MPEP-1 format, which provides lower video quality than MPEG-2. As comparison, MP4 videos are usually MPEG-4 format compressed by H.264 or H.265.

Besides, more and more DVD players enable you to play digital video files on USB flash drives or data DVDs too. What about the video file formats for playing on DVD player?

Note: A DVD player can support any of the above DVD player formats. However, it may be varied for a specific DVD player. The older models, for example, just show DVD and CD, but newer ones offer more options. You have to read the description to learn the condition of your DVD player.

Part 2: Best Way to Play Videos with DVD Player Formats

In addition to DVD player file formats, you need to notice more things when using a DVD player, such as region code. In fact, DVD players are increasing replaced by digital devices, such as PC, MacBook, Chromebook, etc. It makes sense since they supports a wide range of video formats. Instead of hardware, you only need video player software, such as FVC Free DVD Player, to watch DVD player format files on computer. It is a web app, so you do not need to install it on your computer. Moreover, it enables you to full control the video playback.

Main Features of the Best DVD File Player

Briefly speaking, it is the best alternative to DVD player to enjoy your movie files.

How to Play a DVD Player File without DVD Player

Step 1. Open a browser when you want to watch a DVD player format file, such as DivX. Copy and paste https://www.free-videoconverter.net/free-dvd-player/ into the address bar and press Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 2. Click the Play Now button and download the launcher. After downloading, the launcher will pop up. Click the Open File button, find the DVD player format file and hit Open. If you are playing a DVD, insert it into your ROM drive, select Open Disc instead.

Step 3. Then the media player window will show up. The buttons at the bottom let you control the video playback quickly, such as fast forward, rewind, pause and more. The Camera icon allows you to take snapshots while playing videos. If you need advanced controls, locate the top ribbon.

Part 3: FAQs about DVD Player Formats

Does DVD player support AVI files?

AVI is a video container that may store various video format. Some newer DVD players can play the AVI files encoded by DivX, MPEG-4 or XviD, WMV, etc. If the AVI video is not encoded the DVD player formats, DVD player won't play them.

Can MP4 be played on DVD player?

There are two ways to play MP4 on DVD player. Firstly, you can burn MP4 files to a video DVD and play it on your DVD player. Another way is to change video codec in MP4 files to DVD player format, such as H.264. The best way is to find a decent MP4 player to play your MP4 files. Read on Top 11 MP4 Player Software for Windows and Mac (Free & Paid) to learn more details.

Why does my DVD player not playing MKV?

A part of DVD players do support MKV format. However, MKV is also a video container. It means a MKV video can include different codecs. If your MKV files contain incompatible formats, DVD player won’t play it. In such case, you’d better play MKV files with professional MKV players.


This guide has explained what DVD player formats are and how to play files with such formats. Now, you should understand what file formats can be played on a DVD player. If you are hesitant to buy a DVD player, we suggest you using FVC Free DVD Player as a substitute directly. More questions? Please write them down below.


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