Fixed: Google Drive Videos Not Playing on Chrome

“This video cannot be supported.”

“We’re working on this video. Please check back later”

“This video is not currently playing”

These error messages may happen when the Google Drive videos not playing. Maybe the videos are corrupted, or the files are too large to load. But the main reasons are always that the video format is not supported by Google Drive, or the chrome video player crashes. All in all, the reasons may be caused by Google Drive or chrome. Thus, this article will give solutions to fix Google Drive videos not playing from these two aspects.

Google Drive Videos Not Playing

Part 1: How to Fix Google Drive Videos Not Playing Issue Caused by Google Drive

The main reason of Google Drive videos not playing caused by Google Drive is the limitation of video formats. All the video formats that are supported by Google Drive:

If your video formats are not included in the above list, you need to play these videos through other video players. FVC Free Video Player will be your best choice. It supports videos in any format, even the DVD and Blu-ray files. And without downloading any software and any large video, you can directly open unplayable Google Drive videos through FVC Free Video Player online for free.

Step 1: Open any chrome on your computer and navigate to FVC Free Video Player website. Click the Play Now button to install the launcher, and then click this button again to open the video player. Then simply click the Open Files button to choose the desired videos on Google Drive.

Play now

Step 2: Then the video will play automatically without any error or limitation. What’s more, you can improve your viewing experience by adjusting the volume, speed, and even the effects of the video.

Adjust settings of videos

Part 2: 5 Other Solutions to Solve Google Drive Videos Not Playing

There are also some problems caused by chrome, and you can try the following 5 solutions to deal with Google Drive videos not playing.

1. Update Google Chrome or the browser player

If the videos on other websites are also unplayable as Google Drive, then it is likely that Google Chrome or the video player on the browser is not updated timely. You can go to Google Play Store and check the updating information of Google Chrome, HTML 5 Video Player, or Flash Video Player.

2. Clear cache and cookies on the browser and Google Drive

After long-term use of Google Chrome, there must have lots of junk files stored on the browser, which will cause buffers when playing videos. Thus, you can clear the cache and cookies regularly. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Click the three vertical dots icon at the top right corner and choose the Settings option. Then clicking the Privacy and security option in the left pane, you can find the Clear browsing data option.

Clear browsing data on Google chrome

Step 2: After a window pop up, you should select the Cached images and files box and then click the Clear data button.

Clear cached data

3. Turn on the third-party cookies

In the Google Drive Help, there’s a tip about playing videos: To play videos on Google Drive, you’ll need to turn on third-party cookies. So, if Google Drive videos not playing happens, you can check the cookies of the browser.

Step 1: Just like solution 2, you should first go to the Privacy and security option. Then click the Site settings option and choose the Cookies and site data option.

Open site settings on chrome

Step 2: Turn off the Block third-party cookies button. Then restart the chrome and Google Drive to have a try.

Cancel block third party cookies

4. Disable some Google Extensions

Some Google Extensions are used to add extra functionality to the browser, but some will block the program processing. To check whether Google Drive videos not playing is caused by this problem or not, you should close all the extensions by following the next steps.

Steps: To open Google Extension directly, you can type chrome://extensions in the search bar. Then click the extension toggle to turn off all the extensions. After that, you should close the chrome and open it again to play videos.

Disable google extensions

5. Open videos in another window

If the mentioned solutions don’t work, you can try the last way. Opening videos in another window makes the chrome re-acquire video information and refreshes the network at the same time.

Steps: Firstly, you should open Google Drive and find the desired video you want to play. Then click the three dots icon at the top right corner and then click the Open in new window option.

Open unplayable videos in another window

Part 3: FAQs of Google Drive Videos Not Playing

1. Why are my Google Drive videos in AVI format not playing?

Although Google Drive supports AVI format, you should download the corresponding extension. Go to Google Extension to search and download it.

2. How to download unplayable Google Drive videos?

Open Google Drive on chrome and choose the My Drive option. Select the desired files you want to download and click the three dots icon at the top right corner. Then choose the Download option.

3. Can I play 4K movies on Google Drive?

No, you can’t. Google Drive only supports videos in 1920x1080p resolution. However, you can try FVC 4K UHD Player to play 4K videos online.


There are many reasons causing Google Drive videos not playing, and the error message always is “This video cannot be supported”. That’s because the video format is not supported by Google Drive. In this situation, you need to play videos through other professional video players. And you can try using FVC Free Video Player online without downloading any third-party software.

Allen MillerJun 21, 2021


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