How to Make Slow Motion Video using Sony VEGAS like a Professional Editor

You will feel like a professional editor when using Sony VEGAS because there are many tools indeed available in this software. But as a beginner who wants to know more about the Sony VEGAS, you obviously don't know anything from the software, and you will start editing from scratch. With a helpful response, this article will be going to teach you all about the said program and all the details, even the procedures, to gain knowledge as a beginner towards the issue of making slow-motion videos using Sony Vegas.

Sony Vegas Slow Motion

Part 1. How to Make a Slow Motion Video in Sony VEGAS

VEGAS by Sony is an easy-to-use application. It features cutting-edge tools, prioritizes the user's needs, and lets you personalize your work environment. The docking area allows you to move and add windows as needed so that the tools you need are close at hand. With VEGAS Pro, you don't have to use a separate editing window for things like adding visual special effects and another editing. This powerful software gives you control with multicam editing, masking, and image stabilization, so your editing isn't restricted by the tools available.Many tools are available, including subtitles, filters, effects, and image and video speed optimization. Professional editors can work on video projects with ease using these tools. Using this program, you can adjust the white balance, add a slow-motion effect, and create composite images with a chroma key. One of its many useful features is the ability to slow down or speed up the playback speed of your video. To have full knowledge about the potential of Sony VEGAS Pro 10 and its tools that can control playback speed, here are the sample steps to follow for you to create slow-motion videos properly:

Step 1: Add a new clip to the timeline by dragging it there. Insert/Remove Envelope then proceed to click the Velocity can be found by right-clicking the video event in the timeline. A green line representing the Velocity Envelope can be seen in the video event.

Step 2: Toggle the checkbox next to the appropriate line. You're informed via a pop-up that the playback speed is set to 100%, which is standard. The playback speed decreases as you drag the line to the right. When you drag while holding CTRL, the change increment is reduced, allowing you to make finer adjustments. From 99% to 0% slow motion, there is no movement or a freeze-frame. If you decrease the percentage below 0% to a negative number, the video will reverse itself.

Step 3: Decide on a 25 percent velocity envelope. Then add a point by selecting Add Point from the context menu when you're in the video event's envelope. Press and hold CTRL while dragging the point to the 50% mark. After the new point, the Velocity Envelope stays flat.

Step 4: Play the video by clicking and dragging the video's left edge. Starting at a 25% speed, the video gradually ramps up to a 50% speed before playing back at that 50% speed for the remainder of the video. Increase the number of points and specify their recurrence times. When you play the video, the speed changes as you move between the different points. Envelope Velocity does not affect the audio. Because the sound will not be synchronized with the video if you remove the audio event, it's usually best to leave it out.

Step 5: Velocity Envelopes can be used in conjunction with CTRL-trim or with a change in Playback Rate. As previously stated, CTRL-trim has a slow-motion limit of 4x, which equates to 14 speeds. The result is a multiplier if you use a Velocity Envelope. Apply a Velocity Envelope and reduce the event's velocity to 10% if the Playback Rate is set to 0.250 or 4x slow motion. This gives you an effective 40x slow motion.

Sony Vegas Adjust Speed

Part 2. Efficient Ways to Create Slow Motion

You may find Sony VEGAS a bit complicated and challenging to digest procedures in terms of editing the playback speed of a video or making super slow motion videos. That's why we recommend using Video Converter Ultimate, the best alternative for every paid and free software available. This software is free-to-download and user-friendly and introduces different kinds of tools to use in the editing process. One of its featured tools is Video Speed Controller. This tool gives you wings in editing the playback speed of a video. If you want to increase or decrease the speed of the video, you just choose the options of speed you want to apply to your video. Now you know about the given topics, here is the procedure you need to follow:

Step 1: You can download the Video Converter Ultimate by clicking Free Download below to download the software. Install it on your desktop and launch it later on.

Step 2: Following the software installation on your computer's desktop, you should run it. When you first start up the software, the program's interface will appear. Select the Toolbox tab, then select Video Speed Controller from the drop-down menu.

Click Toolbox Panel

Step 3: Adding files from your computer is as simple as clicking the + button to change the playback speed of your video clip.

Add Files In Speed Controller

Step 4: Select the types of speed that you will use to edit the playback speed of your video clip or create a slow-motion video from your normal speed video to begin editing the playback speed of your video clip.

Choosing The Playback Speed

Step 5: Afterwards, you can fine-tune the quality of your video output by altering its resolution, frame rate, format, and other parameters. Once everything is in order, click Export to save the converted file to your computer's hard drive.

Edit Formats Export


How to Add Audio to Video

How to Merge Videos

Part 3. FAQs about Creating Slow-Motion Videos in Sony Vegas

What is Velocity Envelope in Sony Vegas?

Sony Vegas' Velocity Envelopes let you speed up, slow down, or even freeze video. Right-click a video event and select Insert/Remove Envelope then click Velocity from the context menu. Increase the clip speed by dragging the envelope up or decrease it by dragging the envelope down.

Will the audio be affected if you adjust the playback speed of a video?

Yes, the video's audio becomes deep and slow if you slow down the video, while it becomes high pitch and fast if you fast forward. It won't become glitchy and stutter, but the pitch of the audio changes depending on how slow or fast the video will become.

How to make a slow-motion video on iPhone?

To create the illusion of a slower frame rate when shooting slow-motion video with your iPhone, you must play it back at a slower frame rate. The Slo-mo feature can be used to capture beautiful landscapes, exciting sports action, and tense moments in time.


To wrap things up, this article talks about the slow-motion videos on different software available. The Sony VEGAS Pro helps adjust the playback speed in different ways, but they all are complicated to follow for beginner users. In contrast, Video Converter Ultimate is one of the recommended best alternatives to fix the given issue. This software has the Video Speed Controller tool to use to resolve adjusting speed issues to your videos. Other than the said tools, there are other tools available that help to improve the quality of your video.


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