3 Great Audio to Video AI Convertering Tools | Review

The struggle to find the best audio to video AI converter tool is real. It’s just overwhelming to select from readily available tools online. With that in mind, we reviewed three best converter tools that you can use to generate AI video from audio. Moreover, we will recommend a bonus tool that you can use to enhance, repair, and edit video. So, to get all the meat, go over and read the entire post.

AI Audio to Video Converter

Part 1. Can I Use AI to Generate Video from Audio

Believe it or not, generating video from audio using AI is possible. AI generates video from audio using a combination of techniques, including speech recognition, natural language processing, and computer vision. How does it work?

◆ The AI system analyzes the audio input, extracting important features such as speech patterns, emotions, and context. This is the process where you input your audio to be processed.

◆ After that, it will transcribe your audio into text, converting spoken words into written form. This transcription serves as the basis for generating visual content.

◆ Moreover, based on the transcribed text, it will generate a script or storyboard that outlines the scenes and actions to be depicted in the video.

◆ Now, with computer vision techniques, it will generate or select appropriate images, videos, animations, or graphics to accompany the audio content. It may also create or select virtual avatars or characters to represent speakers in the video.

◆ Next, it will combine the selected visual content with the audio, synchronizing the visuals with the corresponding audio parts.

◆ Lastly, it will generate the final video file by AI and be ready to be saved or shared in the desired format.

Part 2.Benefits of Using AI Audio-to-Video Converter

Using an AI audio to video converter can offer several benefits:

It Saves You Time

AI Audio-to-Video Converter can quickly convert audio to video, eliminating the need for manual video editing and production. With that, it saves your time and effort in creating content.

Less cost

Hiring video editors to do the manual edit can be expensive. AI audio to video converters can generate videos without the need for these resources, making it a cost-effective solution.

Easy to Use

AI audio to video converter has a user-friendly feature that makes it accessible to a wide range of people. It means that even if you're not a tech expert, you can easily turn your audio content into engaging videos. The simplicity encourages more people to try it out, expanding its use in various fields and making creative video-making available to everyone.

Using an AI audio to video converter can streamline the video production process, reduce costs, and provide customization options, making it a valuable tool for someone like you who wants to try to generate video from audio AI.

Part 3. 3 Best AI Tools to Create Video from Audio

Lumen 5

Lumen5 is an intuitive AI platform designed for audio to video conversion, offering a streamlined process for transforming audio files into videos. This platform is particularly useful for individuals looking to create engaging visual content without the need for advanced video editing skills. Users can simply upload audio files, and the tool automatically generates video content or music video with AI.

Lumen 5 Image


  • Easy to navigate.
  • Less cost.
  • Supports a wide range of content types.
  • Promotes brand consistency.


  • Can’t work offline.
  • Limited video editing features.
  • Can't save video drafts.

In essence, Lumen5 facilitates the conversion of audio into visually captivating videos, empowering users to enhance brand visibility and storytelling in a user-friendly and efficient manner.


Kapwing is an online video editing program that allows you to create and edit videos without hassle. It has many tools for adding text, subtitles, images, transitions, and background music to your videos. You can also resize, crop, trim your videos, and even add special effects whether you want to use your videos or the platform's stock footage. This tool is designed to be easy and accessible. It's a go-to choice for individuals who want to edit videos quickly and efficiently.

Kapwing Image


  • Supports multiple languages.
  • User-friendly controls.


  • Technical glitches.
  • Hard-to-navigate features.

Kapwing is your go-to buddy for stress-free video editing. Whether you're jazzing up your own footage or diving into their stock collection, it has text, images, and music tools for you.


Synthesys.io is a platform that uses AI to turn audio into videos. You can input text or audio recordings, pick from various AI voices, and create professional videos without needing human actors or additional equipment. The platform's user-friendly interface lets you easily customize your video settings and supports over 120 languages.

Synthesys.io Image


  • High-quality results.
  • Wide language support.
  • Easy to use.


  • Limitation in customization.
  • Can’t work offline.

Synthesys.io's audio to video feature provides an efficient and convenient way to create engaging videos using AI generated voices. Indeed, this tool exemplifies the evolving landscape of technology, bringing ideas to life through its audio and video AI feature.

Part 4. How to Use AI for Audio-to-Video Conversion

Whether you are a tech pro or just starting to figure out the digital world, using AI to convert video from audio is a piece of cake. Below is a quick guide on how to use AI for audio to video conversion.

Step 1. First, you need to choose a suitable AI video generator.

Step 2. Next, Upload your audio files.Use the provided tools to edit your video

Step 3. Lastly, Export and Save your generated video

There you got it! With these quick steps and your knowledge of the tools, you can now start generating AI videos from audio.

Part 5. Bonus: Top Tool For You to Edit Your Video

And here’s the bonus tool because we know how inevitable it is to have converted results that have incompatible formats, missing codecs, and video errors. With that in mind, it is important to have a tool that you can use to edit, repair, and convert video. Therefore, the FVC Video Converter Ultimate software tool is the best for you, it’s a well-rounded AI video maker that you can use today. This tool contains many great features and is easy to navigate. So, if you are considering using AI audio to video, partner it with this software tool. Here’s a quick step on how to use it

Step 1. First, head to their website, Download the program, and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Now, explore the tabs. You’ll see the converter, MV, and collage tab. Among those three, select MV or others that you wish to use.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate Tabs

Step 3. Now, click the Add File button to add pictures or videos.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate Add Files

Step 4. Unleash your creativity by exploring the theme, the template, and other editing features.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate Edit Theme Settings

Step 5. Lastly, If you’re done, click the Export button.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate Export

With those easy steps, you can now have an all-in tool to edit, convert, and repair videos. Indeed, this tool is versatile and handy to use. Give it a try now!

Part 6. FAQs about AI Audio to Video Converter

How do I make an AI video with voice?

Well, in order for you to create an AI video with voice, you typically need an AI-powered platform like the AI tools mentioned in the post. These platforms allow you to input text or audio, and the AI generates a video with a synthesized voice based on the provided content.

Can AI generate a video from text?

Yes. Many AI platforms have the capability to generate videos from text. Users can input written content, and the AI utilizes advanced algorithms to create corresponding video content, often with customizable options. You can try the tools we recommend here.

What is the AI website to make a video from a script?

One popular AI website for making videos from a script is Lumen5. It is user-friendly, where you can easily input your script, and the platform uses AI technology to generate a video based on the provided content. Another option is Synthesys.io, which allows users to input text or audio and create professional videos using AI-generated voices.

How long does it take to generate a video using AI audio to video converters?

The time it takes to generate a video with AI audio to video converters can vary based on factors such as the audio's length, the customization's complexity, and the platform used. Generally, these processes are designed to be efficient, allowing users to create videos in minutes.

Can I use my own audio files in AI audio-to-video converters?

Yes. Most AI audio to video converters, such as Lumen5 and Synthesis.io, allow users to upload their audio files. This feature provides flexibility for content creators, enabling them to use existing recordings or narrations in the video creation process.


Converting audio to video using AI can now be your partner in creating video content. There’s no reason for you not to try it, especially when you’re in the field of content creation, digital, and marketing. Also, don’t miss out on the bonus tool that we have recommended. It’s a great tool that you can use to edit, convert, and repair videos.

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