What is Real Player and Whether It is The Desired Media Player for Windows and Mac

I need a video player for my new Dell computer, should I use Real Player as the default media player? Is there a method to learn more about the program and whether it is worth to use?

RealPlayer is not only a simple video player, but also a solid media manager. It helps you to play music, videos, and watch photos, and offers more features. If you are not familiar with the Real Player, here is some information about this awesome program that you need to know. Before downloading it, read this post carefully.

Real Player Alternative

Part 1: The Complete Review of Real Player

Real Player has been around for more than a decade. To fully enjoy the media player service, all you need to do is to free download Real Player from the official website and install it on your device.

Unbiased Review of Real Player


  • The performance of the Real Player is stable.
  • Integrate a simple and intuitive interface to find everything easily.
  • This media player is free to download and use.
  • It has versatile functionalities including a video downloader.


  • The download option is difficult to find.
  • The video downloader is not always working.
  • It may slow down your computer or make it crash.
  • The Mac version is not as stable as the PC version.

Though Real Player for Windows provides a free version, the advanced features still require you to upgrade to the Plus version, or the Premium version. The 4K-download feature, for example, is only available to plus and premium versions. Moreover, the free version cannot play DVDs or other optical disks. If you need cloud storage to back up your videos, you should also upgrade to the Pro version beforehand.

Part 2: Top 5 Alternatives to Real Player

Top 1: FVC Free Video Player

FVC Free Video Player is the best alternative to Real Player online. Different from the Real Player, it is completely free of charge without download extra files. Moreover, you can also tweak the audio and video settings, adjust the audio track and subtitles, and even take snapshots.

How to Play Videos as Real Player Online

Step 1: Open a web browser and visit the alternative to Real Player on your Windows and Mac. After that, you can click the Play Now button and follow the onscreen instructions to install the Real Player alternative.

FVC Online Video Player

Step 2: Then you can launch the program and click the Open File button to find a video file on your computer. Moreover, you can adjust the audio and video settings beforehand from the top menu.

Free video player

Step 3: When watching video online, you can control the playback with the buttons at the bottom, such as take snapshots, apply video filters, customize the settings, and more within clicks.

Play video

Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a popular open-source alternative to Real Player. It has the advanced features to record the videos, convert the files, and more. If you download it from the official site, VLC is pretty safe.


  • Support a wide range of video and audio formats.
  • Play video streams with URL.
  • Convert video file formats.


  • The interface is not user friendly.
  • Advanced features are hidden in the menu list.
VLC media player

Top 3: GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is another free alternative to Real Player. It supports most multimedia formats including FLV files. More importantly, it does not require extra codecs to play video and audio files.


  • Include a large package of video and audio codecs.
  • Play broken AVI files. (Compress AVI files here)
  • Manage video files with playlists.
  • Play videos in the background.


  • The installer file contains extra software.
  • It cannot play optical discs on some systems.
GOM Player

Top 4: KMPlayer

KMPlayer is another media player alternative to Real Player. It is completely free of charge with advanced features, such as plentiful configuration options. Moreover, it is available in multiple languages.


  • Play extensive video files including damaged AVI.
  • Compress audio albums and playlists.
  • Support live URL broadcasting.


  • Lack customer support online.
  • It will install OpenCandy and other software.

Top 5: QuickTime Player

For Mac users, QuickTime is the best alternative to Real Player. It is pre-installed on all Mac computers. It means that you can use it for free without installing. Moreover, it is compatible with PC. (Want to convert QuickTime to MP4?)


  • Play most of the video and audio.
  • Create videos by recording the screen.
  • Create videos by recording the screen.


  • Create videos by recording the screen.
  • The PC version is not as powerful as Mac.
Quicktime player

Part 3. FAQs about Real Player and Alternative

1. Is Real Player really free to use?

Just as mentioned above, Real Player offers a free version, but advanced features, such as HD video downloading, are only available to plus and premium versions. If you just need a simple media player, the free version should be a choice.

2. What is The Latest Version of Real Player?

The latest version is Real Player, which was released in July 2019. You can download it from the official website for free. When you need to download the old version of Real Player, you can search for the desired one from the Internet.

3. What File Formats can Real Player Open?

As a universal media player, Real Player can open and play AVI, MP4, MP3, WMA, WAV, FLV, MPEG, and more. Of course, you can also find there are some plugin or codec for the media player that enables you to play most of the file formats.


Just learn more about what Real Player is, the benefits and disadvantages of the program. Now, you can decide whether it is proper for your need and computer. Here are the 5 best Real Player alternatives to play videos smoothly. FVC Free Video Player is a free video player to enjoy movies online. Moreover, you can also find there are some advanced features to playback the media files as a Real Player alternative.

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