WebM Player Review - 5 Best Software to Play WebM Files Smoothly

I downloaded a WebM video from YouTube yesterday. But it can’t play smoothly on my MX Player on Android. And the voice always lags behind the picture. Are there any reliable WebM players?

You may have encountered the same situation. As we know, WebM is an open and free video format. It is the alternative to H.264 standard. It can provide high-quality and big advantage on encoding under the same code rate. Unfortunately, it can’t play fluently on mobile devices. Moreover, many web browsers don’t support WebM format, and some apps will take up large CPU when playing WebM files. Therefore, here are the Top 5 WebM player on PC/mobile devices you should know.

WebM Player

Top 1: VLC for Android - WebM Player for Android

VLC for Android is a free and open-source multimedia player. It support playing various formats including WebM. This VLC player for WebM has a media library for audio and video files which allows you to browse folders directly.

VLC for Android

Top 2: Merlin WebM Player - WebM Player for iPhone

Merlin WebM Player is also a handy WebM player for iPhone. With this tool, you can play WebM files from Safari directly into a video player. Moreover, if you want to browse a web while you are watching a WebM video, this app can also fulfill your needs.

Merlin WebM Player

Top 3: 5KPlayer - WebM Player for Windows 7/8/10

As a powerful media player, 5KPlayer also support to play WebM file on Windows 7/8/10. It can add your entire computer video library. Therefore, you can choose your desired WebM video from this video player without searching for your hard drive.


Top 4: Elmedia Player - WebM Player for Mac

Elmedia Player allows you to play WebM files on Mac for free. It can stream content to Chromecast, AirPlay, and DLNA devices. Moreover, it will offer you extensive subtitle support. Therefore, you can decide how they will look during the playback.

Elmedia player

Top 5: FVC Free Video Player - WebM Player Online

If you don’t want to download any WebM player apps, then FVC Free Video Player can be your best choice. You can play all videos including WebM file smoothly with high quality. Moreover, you can also capture your favorite screenshot during the playing with one click. If you want to control the playing process, just drag the navigational slider to any part you want.

Step 1: Download the FVC launcher on its website. Then install and run it on your device. To play your desired WebM file, just click the Open File button on the main interface.

Play now

Step 2: Then your WebM will be played automatically. Choose your desired WebM file on the pop-up window, and open it. You can choose to backward/forward/stop freely within one click.

Play Webm file

Step 3: If you want to capture a screenshot, you can click the camera icon on the bottom. Then you can find the pictures on the Open snapshot folder behind.

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FAQs of WebM Player

1. Can Chrome play WebM files?

Although WebM files can’t play on Chrome 6 and earlier, there are still methods to fix it. You can play your WebM file via a WebM codec on this browse. To play a WebM on Chrome successfully, you can use the standard HTML5 tag. And you can search the tag example on the internet.

2. Can I convert WebM file to MP4 format?

Yes, of course. Considering that MP4 has higher compatibility than WebM format, people often choose to convert the WebM file to MP4. And there are many tool that support converting WebM to MP4, such as the VLC and WebM to MP4 Converter.

3. Can I Use Safari as a WebM Player?

Yes, Apple add the WebM video playback in the second beta of macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta. If you have already update to the latest macOS, you can simply drag-n-drop the WebM videos into a new tab within the Safari browser.


In this article, we introduce the top 5 best WebM players for Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac. Almost each of them can fix your problem. But if you are looking for a free and easy to operate WebM player with many advanced features, then FVC Free Video Player should be your best choice. You should give it a try!

Allen MillerMar 24, 2021


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