Be an Extensive Critique in Solving Out of Sync [Audio & Video]

You have an online reporting project for your class tomorrow. You're finding the best applications or software that you can use to record your video to achieve the reporting you need to submit tomorrow. But instead of having a solution to your problem, chaos and trouble start to make you overthink because the audio and video are out of sync. You don't have to worry about your situation because it's your lucky day; this article covers everything you need to learn to mend your concern.

Audio And Video Out of Sync

Part 1. Why Is the Audio Not Synced with the Video?

Audio and video can be out of sync for several reasons, including the following: The broadcast or the connection between your cable/satellite set-top box could be the problem when watching a TV program. An unreliable DVD or Blu-ray DiscTM player or the disc itself may be to blame if you have one of these devices connected to your TV. If your home theater system is hooked up to your TV via optical cable, you may notice an audio lag that needs to be corrected manually. On the other hand, your TV's settings could be to blame.

Part 2. 3 Best Proven Tools: How to Sync Audio and Video

1. Use Video Converter Ultimate

There's a lot of ways and software available online that can help with the issue given, and this is one of the best tools we recommend using. Download the FVC Video Converter Ultimate on your computer, a software with various features enhancing a video clip. One of the features offered can fix a video clip's problem of audio and video sync in Windows 10 - for example - by adjusting its delay. Follow the steps below to know how to use the software:

Step 1: To download the software to your desktop, click the Free Download button. Then install the software and customize the setup as desired. If everything is in order, launch the software after installing.

Step 2: On the main interface, click the Toolbox feature and proceed with Audio Sync.

Click The Toolbox

Step 3: Add any file by clicking the + button in your preference and proceed with editing the video clip.

Add File And Edit Audio Sync

Step 4: Adjust the slider of the audio to sync its video clip. You can also change the output device and customize the volume of your video clip.

Adjust the Delay

Step 5: If you finish editing the sync of your video clip, click Export and choose where your file will be saved.

Edit Format And Export

2. Use VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is an application available in every operating system; Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Even though it is accessible to every device, each has different ways of fixing the audio delay and syncing the audio of the video's clip. This media player is common with its faulty operating system, but you can also use this media player to fix audio and video sync permanently.

Step 1: Open the VLC media player in windows, and click the Tools tab. After you click the Tools tab, click the Preference.

Open The VLC

Step 2: Another interface will appear on your screen. Continue the process by clicking the Audio tab. At the bottom left corner, select All to access the advanced settings.

Click Audio Tab

Step 3: The advanced settings will provide you with the entire grounds. Proceed with locating the Audio in the advanced settings tab. After you press it, you will see the general audio settings and adjust the Audio Desynchronization Compensation. If the Audio is lagging behind the video, change the value to a positive value to compensate. Negative values should be used if the audio is playing ahead of the video. VLC out of sync will permanently be fixed with this process.

Adjust Audio Desynchronization


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How to Fix VLC Not Playing DVD

3. Use Premiere Pro

When it comes to creating broadcast-quality, high-definition video, Premiere Pro is the tool of choice. This software can be used to import all kinds of media, including video and audio. It can then be used to edit that media and export it in the format needed for distribution. Various videos and still images can be edited together when using Premiere Pro to create videos. Videos can have titles, filters, and other effects applied. This software is a big help when audio and video are out of sync, especially for desktop or laptop users. Here are the steps given to execute the procedure properly.

Step 1: Make sure to layer your audio and video files in your timeline, as shown in the illustration.

Layer Audio And Video Track

Step 2: Right-click to select both the audio and video tracks. There will be an appearance of a dropbox. Choose Synchronize from the drop-down menu that appears.

Synchronize Video

Step 3: Now select Audio as the synchronize point. Select the track that you want to synchronize. Lastly, delete the scratch track and select the Link option to link clips.

Select Link

Part 3. FAQs about Audio and Video Out of Sync

If I change the sample rate, will the audio quality degrade?

If you only want to listen to the audio in your video clip and not make any changes, you must change the sample rate to keep up. You will only be able to synchronize the video's audio by adjusting the video clip's audio delay in FVC Video Converter Ultimate. You will no longer be concerned about audio quality deterioration when adjusting the sample rate. With this software, you will not worry about audio that is not synced in the video. This software contains a feature that can resolve the given issue; it also has other features that can benefit every user and be used at ease.

What is Audio Desynchronization Compensation?

Set a positive or negative audio desynchronization compensation time delay in milliseconds in the VLC Preferences by clicking on Audio, then checking the Advanced options checkbox.

What is the other reason why video and audio are out of sync?

The other reason video and audio are out of sync is because of the unsupported video output the audio device can't utilize, and vice-versa.


To conclude, audio and video delay must be a difficult scenario most people have in the online world. Especially this pandemic, gadgets and online necessities are popular, but how are you going to function properly or do your task properly if there's a hurdle facing these online shenanigans like the issue of how to sync audio and video? If there's a delay happening. To sum up, all the given ways and alternatives to clarify all the concerns are presented here in the article. We recommend using Video Converter Ultimate to fix these unnecessary situations for the future.

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