2 Quick & Easy Ways on Converting M2TS to AVI with Steps Provided

As we step further into the future, many formats don't get too much support, like the M2TS. This format still uses the old Blu-ray Audio Video container that uses the MPEG-2 stream to transport bases. You can not access this format on some devices like iPhone, iPod, and even Android because they can't read the structure of the format. However, if you still have this kind of file extension and want to watch it, we suggest converting the format into an AVI. So now, let's explore which Way is better to help you on your quest to convert and M2TS. Moreover, if you keep up your pace reading this write-up, you will learn to convert M2TS to AVI format online or offline.


Part 1. M2TS vs. AVI

As we explained earlier, M2TS files used to be a container on Blu-ray that supports different videos, audio, and another stream in a single container. Also, if your file extension on your Blu-ray or AVCHD is in this format, then expect that the quality of it is excellent. Although this file format performs well, the support it gains on some media players is still meager. Another is that when you want to play this type of file extension, you will need plug-in-play, a codec, and some components to watch the video in this format. Unlike if your file extension is .avi. This format gains fans on the entire web because of how good the video quality this format can contain. However, the file size is a big problem because it has no proper codec to reduce your file size. But if we compare M2TS and AVI, they are both excellent. Still, the supports are different, and the flexibility of the AVI format can bring you.

Part 2. 1st Way Is to Convert M2TS to AVI Online with the Easiest Web-Tool

Free FVC Converter

Maybe you are wondering if you can convert M2TS to AVI for free, then this is for you presenting the FVC Free Video Converter. This web tool is one of the finest online converters you can find on the internet. Moreover, if you have a problem converting your format, this is a solution for it also; you can change the bitrate, resolution, and frame rate. Although the tool supports a medium range of different formats, it still does not have advanced features. To make your final output outstanding, like the FVC Video Converter Ultimate can do for you. However, suppose you don't want to pay and have internet connectivity. In that case, this must be your choice to convert the format into a new version.


  • No software is needed to download because it can be accessed on the web.
  • It supports medium varieties of the format you can choose.
  • Free of charge and no ads on the interface of the website.


  • It needs an internet connection to be able to access it.
  • Some formats aren't supported here, and it has limited format support.

Steps on How to Use the Online Converter on the Web

Step 1. Click this link to open the main website of the online converter—no need to worry because this link is safe to access as we try it for ourselves.

Step 2. Then click Add Files to Convert, and a folder will show on your screen, select the file under the extension of .m2ts and click Open.

Select File Under M2TS

Step 3. After inserting the file, you will see an interface will show on your screen with the format options available below; choose the AVI format from the list.

Web Interface On Screen

Step 4. Once you have selected the format, click Convert to start changing the format into an AVI.

Convert To Change

Step 5. Converting the format will take almost a minute; a folder will show the converted file you've made earlier.

Convert Complete

Part 3. 2nd Way is to Use the Ultimate Tool to Convert M2TS to AVI Offline

Suppose you want a tool that performs phenomenally better than the online or offline converters available. In that case, FVC Video Converter Ultimate is the perfect tool for you. This tool performs very well in different tasks, whether editing, making a GIF, changing the format, volume-boosting, and many more. Many advanced simplified features have already been added to this software to provide the best output for its customer. Yes, it is correct; you will need to be a customer before accessing this ultimate tool. And no need to be sad because it is not expensive and does perform well compared to the other converters. Also, this tool supports all known formats and undoubtedly the file format your devices or desktop supports here. Moreover, if you want to experience the best conversion process, follow the indicated step-by-steps on using this M2TS to AVI converter.


  • It supports a lot more advanced features you would love to use.
  • Can convert a file within a few seconds because of the hardware acceleration and fast conversion this tool provides.
  • Available on all platforms, and it supports all of the formats.


  • To access the tool, you will need to pay.
  • It needs to be downloaded on your computer drive first.

Steps on How to Convert M2TS Video Format into AVI format Offline

Step 1. Download the software on your platform by clicking the download button below. Then install it, do the set-up and open the tool.

Step 2. Launch the software, click the + button to place the .m2ts file on the folder, and click Open.

Launch Software

Step 3. So now, on the upper-right side of the interface, you will see the Convert All to menu then click it. A sub-menu will show after clicking it, locate the AVI format on the list.

Click Convert All To

Step 4. If you're selecting the format, let's start the conversion by clicking Convert All.

Start Conversion M2TS

Step 5. Once converting is finished, a folder will show up on your screen, then click the file to watch the converted .m2ts.

Converting Is Finished

Part 4. FAQs about M2TS and AVI

After converting M2TS to AVI, does the quality of it remain?

After converting the M2TS to AVI the quality of the video should be retained. However, there is a chance that the quality will change if you set the quality output to medium or low. This can be avoided if you set it into 1080 or 4k but the file size of it will be bigger compared to the low quality ones.

Why can't I play M2TS on my Windows Media Player?

Well there is one reason why you can't play the file extension under .m2ts. And that reason is because it is not supported. So, if you want to still watch your .m2ts file then it is a must to convert it or find another third-party media player that can play M2TS files.

Is MTS and M2TS different?

If we were about to compare these two formats then expect that there is no set difference. Also, they both use the AVCHD video format that stores your video quality as high as possible. To get more information about MTS and M2TS files, read on What Is Difference Between MTS and M2TS.


Together we found now the different techniques on how to convert your M2TS file into AVI. As we investigated each tool individually we found out that the FVC Video Converter Ultimate does perform well on converting files. So, in the end we suggest you download the phenomenal converter for easier conversion and experience the fastest conversion process ever.


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