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The M4V is developed by Apple, which also uses MPEG 4. M4V files are often used to store those videos downloaded from the Apple iTunes store, like music videos, TV episodes, etc. You may find some M4V files copy-protected since it uses Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright protection.


Based on the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF), the AVI format was introduced by Microsoft in 1992. It can save high-quality video/audio since it uses less compression. But that also causes the large file size of an AVI file, which may be a problem when there is limited space.

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How to Convert M4V to AVI Free with the 3 Best Software [Online & Offline]

Apple users already know iTunes as their local media player for playing movies, music, and even TV shows. In fact, they also use one of their default formats, and that is M4V. However, this format can't be played on your local Windows player, and some third-party doesn't support this format. But no need to be sad because you can still watch your M4V files even to the other device by converting it. Also, you can read the comparison between the two as well. So now, we will teach you how to convert M4V to AVI for free in the list below.


Part 1. Brief Explanation for M4V and AVI Formats

So now, let's take a look at the difference between the two said formats in the introduction. As we proceed below, we will understand the two formats but from a different perspective. And before you turn, you know what the best free M4V to AVI converter is. Let's differentiate the two formats first by reading below.


◆ This file format is proprietary to iTunes, and it is protected by the DRM that implements copyright issues.

◆ Used to encode media files that are used to play videos, audio, TV shows, and movies as well.

◆ Storing and transferring files with this format is much easier and faster.

◆ It has almost the same structure as the MP4 format.

◆ As this format is protected and limited to Apple devices, it is not as flexible with the other media player to play with.


◆ Well-known format used to play and store a detailed video and audio file.

◆ A file container to store a continuous playback.

◆ File size is much bigger compared to the other file format because it is not encoded.

◆ Need to use a compressor or codec to make the file smaller.

Part 2. Learn the 3 Ways on How to Convert M4V to AVI

1st Way. FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate is one of the phenomenal M4V to AVI converters to download on your PC or Mac. Because of its high-end functionality and the advanced features it provides, while considering its users to avoid any hassle of converting. As opposed to the other converters, this software is far different in a lot of aspects. Like it supports a wide-scale of formats, editing features can be easily taken in place, performance wise it is faster and better, so on and so forth.

Although converting here is free and there is no limitation, you will need to buy it first before using it, but it is very cheap. Altogether let's see what it takes to convert a format to a new one with this converter. If you want to know how to do the conversion of a file then follow the synchronous steps below.

Step 1. Download the software first on your PC or Mac. After the process of downloading is finished it is now the right time to install it and do the set-up.

Step 2. Launch the tool and click the + button in the middle of the interface and a folder will show. Search the file on it to then click it and press Open to insert the M4V file.

Middle Interface

Step 3. Before you start the conversion of M4V to AVI on Mac or PC, you must first click the drop-down button and locate the AVI format.

Locate AVI Format

Step 4. After selecting the format, it is now the time to convert it. On the lower part of the interface click the Convert All button.

Lower Convert Button

Step 5. Wait for several seconds for the process to take in place. After it is done, a file folder will show with the converted file you've made earlier, click it to watch it right away.

Converted File Is Done

2nd Way. FVC Free Video Converter

If you don't want to buy the software above then it is a best choice to use this free M4V to AVI converter that is available on your web, the FVC Free Video Converter. And if you want to achieve the best conversion like the FVC Video Converter Ultimate then this must be your choice. Although this tool provides a proper conversion, still this web tool supports small-scale formats, no editing features, and much slower in converting compared to the desktop tool. Also, this will be going to need internet connectivity if you want to use it. But if you're looking for an online converter then this is the right choice. So now, follow the steps provided below to know how to do it.

Step 1. Click this link to go to the main web of the FVC converter.

Step 2. If this is your first time using it, click the Add Files to Convert to download the launcher. After it has already been downloaded, click it again to launch, select the file on your folder and click Open.

Click Add Files

Step 3. Choose the format available below by clicking it before the process of converting is performed.

Format Available Below

Step 4. After selecting the format, click Convert to proceed with the process of transforming the format.

After Selecting Format

Step 5. Wait for several minutes, and after the file is done, a file folder with the converted file will show; next click it to watch.

Folder With Converted File

3rd Way. WinX Video Converter Free

WINX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Another software we select that will help you convert a file format is the WinX Video Converter Free. As this tool provides a great conversion and also it supports a lot of different formats as well. Although the performance of it is pretty great to download this M4V to AVI converter on Mac or even PC. However, unlike the tool. So, if you want to try it then follow the steps.

Step 1. Download the software on your PC or Mac

Step 2. Then click Video to insert the file, then locate the PC General Manager and click the AVI Video then OK.

Click PC General Video

Step 3. Click Run to start the conversion.

Part 3. Comparison Chart of the 3 M4V to AVI Converter

Feature/s FVC Video Converter Ultimate FVC Free Video Converter WinX Video Converter Free
Converting Formats Tick Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark
Multiple Conversion Tick Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark
Hardware Acceleration Tick Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark
Ultrafast Conversion Tick Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark
Supported Program Available in All Platforms Available in All Platforms Available in All Platforms

Part 4. FAQs about the M4V and AVI Formats

Why do I need to convert to M4V format?

M4V format is only available on Apple devices only so if you transfer this file format to Windows or any other devices it can't be played. So, it is better to convert the M4V file into a new format like MP4 or AVI to play it.

After converting M4V does it lose the quality?

Actually, quality loss is less likely to happen to M4V or any other format that has been turned into a new format. However, this can cause a software or converter malfunction as well. So, it is best for you to choose the converter that perfectly works well and is easy to use.

Does converting M4V lower its file size?

Well, it depends on the format you were about to choose. Just like if you convert it into an AVI expect that it will become a bit larger because the file is uncompressed. Unlike, if you convert it into MP4 the file size will still retain or become lower. Although the file size will still change whatever format you were going to choose you will receive a great output at the end.


To conclude, all of the 3 web and desktop tools work perfectly well and they really do their job as a converter. As we explore each and every software that is enlisted in here, we found out that the FVC Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice for everyone. Because of how easy it is to use, affordability and flexibility of it, advanced features it provides and many more. So now, if you are still wondering what to choose this time then try to use the phenomenal converter and enjoy the fast and easy conversion process.


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