How to Convert MTV to AVI with High Quality: Best Approaches You Should Know

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a video container that holds and encodes both audio and video data. Despite having less compression power than some of its competitors, most DVD players can play files in this container. The AVI codec is required for multimedia players to decode AVI data. This video file is available in every video player and video editor. However, MTV's video format is not that famous for using and being converted into other formats. If you're wondering how it will happen that you will convert MTV to AVI, continue reading the article to know more about these two formats.


Part 1. How to Convert MTV to AVI on Windows and Mac

There are many different methods to convert MTV to AVI, and it varies on its purpose. It can be downloaded as an application, used in an online web tool, or installed in a program. But have you ever thought about software that can convert multiple video formats in the fastest manner? Video Converter Ultimate is software this article recommends you to use, not just because it is the fastest converter that is free to download. It has a lot of featured tools to offer that can be helpful in editing videos. One of its main features that you can't find from other applications or web tools is that it supports various formats, including converting MTV to AVI. If you're not interested yet, read these given details to learn more about the software:

Step 1. To begin, click on the Free Download button below to start the download process. You have the option of downloading the software from Windows or Mac if you prefer once the download is complete. Before you simply run the program, you need to get it installed on your computer's desktop and click Start Now to get started.

Step 2. Launch the downloaded application. When you first start the program, a window will appear with the Converter interface. This is where you'll enter your video file and begin converting.

Open File Videos Converter

Step 3. Import your files into the converter to begin the conversion process. Drag and drop the video file you want to convert onto the + icon.

Add File To Converts

Step 4. Select a video format from the list in the upper-right corner of the screen. Locate and select the drop-down menu of Convert All to, then choose the AVI format from the video category list. However, if your preferred video output isn't listed, you can change the quality settings to suit your needs. You can alter the display's resolution, frame rate, and even audio quality by clicking the gear icon. To keep your changes, click the Create New button.

Converting Processes

Step 5. Once you've finished editing the video and it's ready to be converted, click Convert All to start the process of transferring it to your computer.

Export The Files

Part 2. How to Convert MTV to AVI Online

Method 1:

Using this free online file converter, you can easily and quickly transform your media from one format to another. Many formats can be converted using this web tool, as well as a wide range of destinations. For further explanations, here are the steps provided for you:

Step 1. Search for online-convert on any search engine and click the webtool. After you click the webtool, its interface will appear. The different processes of converting files will be your choices. Choose Video Converter if you wish to convert MTV to AVI; after deciding, select Convert to AVI and proceed by clicking Go.

Navigate Video Converter

Step 2. After proceeding, another interface will going to appear. Click Choose Files to upload the file you want to convert. Wait a minute long - depending on the file size - to process your video file. Then, click Start Conversion to convert your file to AVI.

Choose File And Start Conversion

Step 3. To begin downloading the converted file, click Download.

Download The File

Method 2:

Use this free online video converter to modify video settings such as video format, resolution, and size within your web browser. To know more about this online web tool, here are the procedures you need to know:

Step 1. Open the video converter in any search engine. Click the primary web tool, and another window will pop up. On the main interface, you will see the whole process of conversion already. To start, click the Open File to import any video file you wish to convert.

Open File The Video Converter

Step 2. Choose the format you want to convert your video from all the video formats given. Since you will convert MTV to AVI, choose the AVI. You can edit the resolution and the video output by clicking the Same as Source or Settings.

Choose Video Format

Step 3. Convert the file by clicking Convert. After you convert the file, you can now download the file by clicking the Download button after you convert.

Convert The File

Part 3. Interesting Facts about MTV and AVI

What is AVI?

This file format, also known as Audio Video Interleaved (AVI), combines audio and video data into one file to play it back simultaneously. It primarily serves as a storage space for electronic media such as televisions, movies, and other video recordings. After the release of Windows 3.1, AVI came into widespread use. Video and audio are combined using a powerful compression algorithm currently the conventional standard for Windows PC movie storage. Images and audio can be preserved in high fidelity even though AVI video is not lossless. On the contrary, AVI consumes a lot of memory, sometimes as much as a DVD does for storage. That's most likely why MPEG-1 came after it, all the way up to MPEG-4 today.

What is MTV?

The vast majority of MTV files are the property of MTV. The MTV file format was created to allow video playback on low-cost Chinese-made portable MP4 players without increasing the price of these devices with license royalties and more processor power. The MP4 Watch is one product that makes use of this file format.

Part 4. FAQs about MTV and AVI

Is AVI high quality?

AVI is a high-definition video format developed by Microsoft. It's supported by YouTube and does an excellent job of letting you watch TV on your computer. High-definition video requires a particular video coding format called Advanced Video Coding HD.

Where is AVI commonly used?

Since Microsoft's creation in November 1992, the AVI file format has become widely used to transmit and store video and audio data. AVI files can be played on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Unix, thanks to their high degree of compatibility.

How do I convert a video to MTV format?

Using AVS Video Converter, you can go on the Main Toolbar, go to the Formats tab and click the To MTV button. You can browse for an input file by clicking the Browse button in the toolbar at the top. Click the lower Browse button and type the name of the output file you want to create. Decide on an MTV look and feel by creating an account with MTV.


To conclude, there's always a difference between online and software that you need to download first before you use it. There are pros and cons on the different sides, but we recommend using Video Converter Ultimate for the convenience and quality output baseline. With this, you can experience the professional-wise converter and editor at the same time in one software.


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