In Detailed Review About the Top 5 Converters to Convert OGV to WMV

Doesn't have any idea how to convert OGV to WMV and play it on your Windows Media Player? Well, you are lucky because, on this day, we would like to introduce the different tools you can use to convert your OGV file. Do you want to know what these five tools are? In the latter part, you will also learn how to convert your OGV file into WMV. So, it would be best to buckle up because we don't want you to wait any longer, and let's start our expedition right away.

OGV To WMV Converter

Part 1. Top 5 OGV to WMV Converter Online and Offline

Top 1. FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best OGV to WMV converters you can download on your desktop. This tool provides an unreal speed of conversion that already impresses many of its customers. Moreover, conversion is not the only vital area of this tool. You can use the advanced editing features here to make your video outstanding, make it smaller, or merge them. Overall, suppose you are a new converting format. In that case, this is the best choice because you can do your conversion without breaking a sweat and as easy as one-two-three while having a professional output at the end of conversion.


  • Convert your OGV to WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, and 200+ formats available in less than a minute.
  • Its strong suit is converting and the advanced editing features you will need.
  • An unbelievable converter that anyone can use even without experience is foolproof and lightweight.
  • Available in all operating systems to be downloaded on Windows & Mac.


  • To acquire this software, you will need to purchase it first.
  • Download it on your computer drive.

Top 2. VLC Media Player

VLC Converter

VLC Media Player is the most downloadable and accessible on all devices to use. This video player can also convert your OGV to WMV or a new version you want. Although the player can convert, it still lacks a supported format, especially when converting your file into a specific format. But, if you already have VLC on your desktop, why don't you try to use this video player-converter on your desktop to turn your format.


  • Free to download, and it supports different formats to play and convert.
  • Available in all of the devices to use.
  • Swift process of converting.


  • It supports a limited format you can choose from.
  • Not your typical converter.
  • A lot of steps are required before you can convert.

Top 3. Aconvert

A Convert

Aconvert will help you in your task of converting OGV files. This OGV to WMV converter online provides an efficient converting process to experience less inconvenience. However, this converter has many ads on the web interface that could be very annoying in a lot of sense. Also, this tool limits your converting experience on converting ten times only and the file size to 40MB for each file. But no need to worry because this tool is free for all internet users who want to convert files online.


  • Available on the web to use.
  • It supports a known format you can insert.
  • User friendly.


  • The options format for the final output had a lot of shortcomings.
  • There are a lot of annoying ads on the website.

Top 4.

Video 2 Edit Com is like Aconvert, but this tool is even better because you can modify the video before you can convert OGV to WMV. Also, you can change the codec of your audio into three options. Moreover, there are plenty of things you can do with this converter. But the downside of this webtool is that the format available here is limited. It also has ads, and the process of converting is slow.


  • Multifunctional converter.
  • Available on all of the web to be accessed by anyone.
  • It can modify video and audio codecs.


  • Ads on the interface.
  • The process of converting takes a long time.

Top 5. FVC Free Video Converter Online

FVC Free Video Converter Online

FVC Free Video Converter Online provides a better conversion process for OGV to WMV than VLC, Aconvert, and Because this web tool offers a professional output like the FVC Video Converter Ultimate, but not all of the format the ultimate tool supports is supported here. Furthermore, you can adjust the quality and set it into a higher definition for a better output. Another advantage you will get here is that no annoying ads will bother you while converting. So, you can enjoy converting without popping out ads, and you can convert without a limit here, even the file size.


  • It supports more formats than VLC, Adconvert, and Video2Edit.
  • It can modify your video and audio specifications.
  • Easy to access web converter anytime and anywhere with internet connection.
  • No ads on the interface, and it looks more professional.


  • If you have no internet, you can't use this converter like the other two online converters.
  • No editing features.

Part 2. How to Convert OGV to WMV with FVC Video Converter Ultimate

So now, if you are amazed at the other things you can do with the FVC Video Converter Ultimate, you must read this. To get an idea of converting OGV to WMV with the ultimate tool, you must follow the succeeding steps.

Steps on How to Convert OGV to WMV Format with the FVC Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1. Download the converter software on your Windows or Mac, follow the installation prompt, and open the converter.

Step 2. After opening the converter, you may upload the OGV file by clicking the Add Files button at the top left of the interface and ticking the Open.

Upload OGV Files

Step 3. Once you have uploaded your OGV file, choose the WMV format you want under the Convert All to option.

Choose The WMV Formats

Optional: Want to modify the video profile itself? Then click the cog icon, adjust the encoder, frame rate, or sample rate for video and audio. To save the changes, click Create New. After adjusting it, you will notice a cog icon at the top of the format you've chosen.

Adjust Specification

Step 4. Click Convert All for the process to begin. After the converting process, a computer folder will show next with the WMV file.

WMV Converting Process

Part 3. Comparison Chart

Features of the Converters FVC Video Converter Ultimate VLC Media Player Aconvert FVC Free Video Converter Online
Converting Formats Tick Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark
Editing Features Tick Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark Cross Mark
Modify Video and Audio Settings Tick Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark
Internet Dependent Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark Tick Mark
Ads Free Tick Mark Tick Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark

Part 4. FAQs about OGV to WMV Conversion

Can I use FFmpeg OGV to WMV converter?

Yes, you can use FFmpeg to convert OGV to WMV, but this converter is not your user-friendly converter commonly seen or used. So now, if you want to use this tool, then follow the steps. Launch the tool, and run the FFmpeg.exe path on your system. Open the Command Prompt and navigate the OGV file you want to convert on the CRM. Next is to insert this code ffmpeg -i input.ogv -vn -ar 44100 -ac 2 -b:a 192k output.wmv, then press Enter to process.

Is OGV playable on Mac?

You can't do it if you want to play the OGV files on Quicktime because the format encoder is unsupported. But there is a way to make it compatible on Mac, and that way is converting it into MOV. Do you want to know how to turn your OGV files to MOV? Then click this link.

Are OGV and OGG the same format?

OGV and OGG are the exact containers, but they have differences in what they contain. For example, OGG files can store high-quality audio but not with videos. In contrast, OGV can keep high-quality audio and video content.


And now that we know the OGV to WMV converter you can use, it is now time to select the tool you should use. Although all of the tools presented here will help you, we found out that FVC Video Converter Ultimate pledges excellence to the customers who will use it. It is unreal to believe what this tool is capable of. So now, it is in your hand to select the tool, but if you haven't decided yet, we suggest you go with the FVC Video Converter Ultimate. Want to know more about the tool itself? Then you must download it first and use it without any limitation.


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