How to Make and Add Text to a Video in iMovie with Easy to Follow Steps

With iMovie, you can almost do the complicated editing you need to make a fantastic video, so adding text to a video on iMovie is a piece of cake. But the question is how to do it? Is it hard to add text on a video using one of the best editors Apple gives? These questions have answers later if you read this whole article thoroughly. No need to worry because you will only spend 5 minutes or less, depending on your reading pace, but surely take your time reading this. And at the end of this post, you will know how to add text to your video. So, let's buckle up and start the journey without further ado.

Add Text To Video iMovie

Part 1. How to Add Text to Video in iMovie on Mac

It will be much easy to understand the steps if you have a Mac because this tutorial we provide will lead you to success in adding the text watermark on your video. Follow it thoroughly and understand how to add text to a video in iMovie using your Mac.

Step 1. On Finder, look for the iMovie and open it. Then click the Import button to upload the video file with a text watermark. Drag and drop the file to the video timeline.

Import Video File

Step 2. Click Titles and choose which animated text you want to have; click the animated title twice, and it will automatically add to the timeline. On the preview section, click the text title and type the text you want to add. You can edit the font style, alignment, color, and more of the text in this area. Adjust the text place by dragging it where you want it to be.

Add Text Title

Step 3. Going back to the timeline, drag the end part of the text to adjust the duration. If you want to see it in the entire video, you can drag it up to the end and limit it according to your wants.

Drag Timeline

Step 4. After adding text to the video in iMovie on Mac, it is time to export the file by clicking the export button at the upper right side of the interface, then Export File.

Save Video File

Part 2. How to Put Text on Top of Video in iMovie Using iPhone

So now, if you have an iPhone, you can follow this guide instead of adding a text watermark on iMovie. The steps we add in this guide are based on the facts about the iMovie on iPhone.So now, if you're eager to learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone to add a text watermark, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Before we teach you how to add text video in iMovie iPhone, you must launch it first on your device. After opening the app, click the + icon, hit Movie, choose the video on your gallery, and tap + to proceed.

Open iMovie Upload Video

Step 2. On the timeline, click the video; a setlist of editing features will show underneath; tap the T sign to add the text watermark. Slide it to the right and choose the animation you want to have as a text watermark. Once you've chosen the animated text, tap the sample text and click Edit type the text you want, then click Done to save. After that, edit the text with the available editing features below. Hold and drag the text and place it anywhere on the video.

Edit Water Mark

Step 3. If you've done editing and adding, click Done, the export button, and Save to Files.

Part 3. Easiest Way to Add Text to Video on Mac with Video Converter Ultimate

Isn't it amazing what you can do with the iMovie? Indeed, it is. However, some Apple users find it troublesome to use the iMovie. Even though we provide the steps to use the iMovie to add a text watermark, we find it slightly difficult to use. But if you want a less challenging tool to use and achieve the same text watermark that iMovie gives, you must go with the Video Converter Ultimate. This tool is undoubtedly the best to use and adds a watermark to any video format on Mac. Want to learn how to put text over video in iMovie but less challenging? The tutorial we provided below is straightforward to follow for any user.

Step 1. Please click the download button to download the best video editor on your Mac. Follow the installation guide and click Start Now to open the tool on your desktop.

Step 2. On the tool's main interface, click + button to open the folder and upload the video file here; click Open to place it on the queue.

Upload Video Files

Step 3. Look for the magic wand button to start adding a magical text watermark to your video. Look for the Watermark section and click it. Under the Watermark, there are two options available, but for now, click the Text Watermark. By clicking the text box, you can insert the text you want to add as a watermark. Then do the editing or adjustment on your text watermark; in this area of editing, you can adjust the color of the font, style of it, and size. After you've satisfied yourself with the text, it is now time to place the watermark in the right place you want. Hold and drag the text on the preview video pane.

Edit Text Watermark

Step 4. After all the adjustments, click Convert All to save the video with a text watermark.

Save Video on Mac

Part 4. FAQs about Inserting Text Over the Video on iMovie

Does iMovie support the animated text?

Yes, the best video editor on Apple supports animated text watermarks you can use on your video for free. The animated text is under the title; you can use several animated text samples to make your video unique.

Can I use iMovie to add an image watermark?

Yes, you can use a personalized image as a watermark on iMovie. However, it is more complex than adding a text watermark on iMovie, but if you want to do it, you can click this link and learn how to add an image watermark on iMovie.

How to make my AVI compatible with the iMovie?

iMovie supports the AVI format. But there will be a time that you can't upload the .avi video because of the codes it uses. Instead of trying a different tool, why don't you convert the AVI? Luckily, you can click this link to open a new tab; on that, you will learn how to change the AVI format into a supported iMovie format.


Based on the research at the top, we can see that it is easy to add a text watermark on iMovie if you want and for free. Whether you are using an iPhone or Mac, the tutorial above will teach you how to succeed. But if you are still having a hard time with the tutorial above, we suggest using the FVC Video Converter Ultimate as an alternative to adding a text watermark. Although the tool isn't natively on your system, you can still click the download button above and have a good time using the tool. So what are you waiting for? Click it and download it now.


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