5 Easy Solutions to Fix Videos Not Playing on Your iPhone

I recorded a long video on my iPhone 8 and I can't play it. Whenever I hit the play button it says cannot open. However, I have other videos and they work perfectly fine. Is it because the recorded video is too long?

Videos not playing on your iPhone happens a lot for various reasons. Not only the local videos can’t be played on the iPhone, but also some YouTube, Facebook, or online videos fail to be played on your iPhone. If only the videos of a certain platform cannot be played on your iPhone, maybe you should update or reinstall the app. But local videos not playing on the iPhone is always caused by incompatible formats or resolution. This article will help you realize the situation of your iPhone from several aspects and tell you how to fix videos not playing on the iPhone easily.

Videos Not Playing on Your iPhone

Part 1: 4 Cases and Solutions to Solve Videos Not Playing on iPhone

Case 1: Videos on a certain platform (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can’t be played on iPhone

Reason: The app is not updated or the data of the app is corrupted

Solution: Open the App Store on your iPhone and check the updating information of the App. If it has a new version, you can click the Update button to install the latest version. Otherwise, you can choose to uninstall and download it again.

Update the apps

Case 2: All the online videos fail to load on your iPhone

Reason: Your iPhone is out of storage and there’s no space to buffer the online videos.

Solution: You can directly delete some unnecessary files, photos or uninstall some unwanted apps on your iPhone. Or you can choose to clear the cache of apps. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone and find the General option. Then tap the iPhone Storage button and choose the desired apps to clear the cache.

Delete data for iPhone Storage

Case 3: Only the website videos not playing on the iPhone

Reason: The video player on the website is not updated, or the cookies and cache on the browser are not cleared.

Solution: Firstly, you can go to check the updating information of HTML5 Video Player or Flash Video Player on the official website. If it doesn’t work, you can click the Settings icon on the browser, and then find the cookies option. At last, click the Clear Cookies and Data button.

The solution also works when videos not playing on Chrome, Safari, etc.

Clear cookies and data

Case 4: Local videos can’t be played on iPhone through the default video player

Reason: The video format is not supported by iPhone, and the best way is to convert the videos to compatible formats. The detailed solution is listed below.

The compatible formats of the iPhone: MP4, MOV, M4V format with H.264 or MPEG-4 codec. The H.264 videos can reach 4K while the MPEG-4 videos only support 480p.

Part 2: The Best and Easiest Way to Fix All the Videos Not Playing on iPhone

If the local videos can’t be played on your iPhone through the built-in video player, you have to convert the videos to the compatible formats for iPhone through the FVC Video Converter Ultimate. It is a versatile video converter that can transfer the video format to play on your iPhone and adjust the video codec and resolution freely to meet the requirement.

Step 1: Download FVC Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows/Mac and then launch it. Connect your iPhone to this software via the USB cable. Then click the Add Files button or the Plus icon to choose the desired videos from your iPhone.

Add files

Step 2: Click the Convert All to menu to choose the Device option. Then click the Apple option and choose the desired iPhone model. To change the detailed video parameters, you can click the Custom Profile icon. Then you should choose the H.264 codec and the original resolution. After that, click the Create New button to save the settings.

Choose format

Step 3: Then go back to the main interface and choose the desired storage path. And click the Convert All button to start transferring videos to play on the iPhone.

Start converting

Part 3: FAQs of Videos Not Playing on iPhone

1. Why are online videos not playing on my iPhone 11?

Maybe the Internet connection is not stable. Or you should check the updating information of the App or the browser video player. You can also uninstall and download the App again to fix this problem.

2. How to Fix YouTube videos not playing sound on iPhone?

Firstly, you should check your volume settings and make sure you don’t mute your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, please re-install the YouTube App and open it again to play the videos.

3. Can I convert videos to compatible formats to play local videos on the iPhone?

Of course, you can. You should note that the supported formats by iPhone are MP4, MOV, and M4V formats with H.264 or MPEG-4 codec. You’d better use the FVC Video Converter Ultimate to convert videos for iPhone with the preset settings.


Many reasons will cause videos not to play on your iPhone. The online videos are always related to the Apps or video players. And the local videos not playing on the iPhone is caused by incompatible formats. In this case, you can download FVC Video Converter Ultimate now to transform the videos to the supported formats by iPhone.

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