Download the 5 Best Tools Available to Make Video 2x Faster in Few Clicks

There are times that you will need to speed up a video like increasing it to 2x video speed. Because there are some parts you want to skip or maybe you want the video to play faster to lessen the duration of it. So, if you want to learn how to make your video speed up then continue reading this article. To have a sufficient idea and knowledge about how to do it and why 2x should be used.

2X Video

Part 1. What is a 2x video?

Speed watching is the act of watching a video accelerated into its natural playback speed. Just by adjusting the speed of the video we are watching; it can help us in different ways. So, if you want to know what are the benefits of bringing your natural speed video into 2x video speed. Then read the details below to know more.

Benefits of watching speed up videos.

◆If you play a video at 2x speed you can easily determine if the video is worth watching or not. This may apply to the videos with long duration and most of the time it bores out to watch all of it at a normal speed.

◆It allows us to save a lot of time than the normal playback speed. In this case, if you have to watch 2 or more videos with a length of 15 minutes it is better to watch them 2x faster. To absorb the details faster than watching it at normal speed. So, instead of watching 1 video in 15 minutes you can watch 2 in that span of time.

◆Most of the people who love watching videos played on fast playback are those who love to memorize everything within a minute. This works the best for busy persons or those who are in a rush.

◆It will improve and train your focus and listening skill better if you play the video at 2x speed rather than the normal speed.So now, you have the idea on what are the advantages of speeding up a video. It is now the right time to proceed to the tools that will help you to make your video speed up. The next part will talk about the different tools you will need to use.

Part 2. How to Make a 2x Videos

If you want to make video 2x faster then try to use the phenomenal video editor, the Video Converter Ultimate. This tool already helped a lot of its customers with their different problems, especially converting, making GIFs, enhancing and more. So, making your video playback faster can be easily done with the help of this tool. Also, while you enhance the speed of the video you can also have a preview of the 2x speed below. To determine if that video speed is right for you. So now, let's proceed on how to change the playback speed of your video by following the steps below.

Steps on How to Speed Up the Video up to 2X Speed

Step 1. Download the tool to your desktop then install it after it finishes the downloading process.

Step 2. Then go to the Toolbox and go find the Video Speed Controller.

Find The Video Speed Controller

Step 3. Click the + button to insert the file you want to watch at 2x video speed and click Open to proceed.

Insert The File 2X Video Speed

Step 4. After inserting the file, choose the 2x on the video speed list available. Then to save the video speed, click the Export button.

Choose Video Speed On The List

Step 5. After the file is exported, a folder will show to your screen; click the file to watch the speed up version of the video.

Click File To Watch The Speed Up

Part 3. How to Play Video in 2x Speed

1. VLC Media Player

The most renowned media player you can download on PC or Mac, is the VLC Media Player. This desktop tool has been used by the users who love watching movie clips. Also, this tool has access in almost all of the formats we know on the web. However, some videos with complicated codecs can't be played here like the AVI or MKV. So, if you want to know how to make a video 2x speed with VLC Media Player then follow the steps provided below.

Step 1. Download the VLC to your desktop then open it.

Step 2. Drag and drop the file to the interface then click the video file you posted in here.

VLC Speed Up

Then go to the Playback and click the Speed to change the natural speed of the video.

VLC Speed

Step 3. And if you want to return the speed to normal go to the Playback and click Speed then locate the normal speed.

Speed Up The VLC

2. QuickTime Player

The native media player of Mac is here to help to play at 2x video playback speed. The QuickTime Player is the pre-installed media player you will see on Mac. Unlike VLC, this tool does not need to be downloaded onto your desktop. Unfortunately, if you are a Windows user you can't use this tool because it doesn't support Windows PC. Although the tool can be accessed on Mac, there are still a lot of features that it doesn't support like the formats. Because most of the formats Windows developed can't be played here. So now, if you have a Mac then try to follow the steps below.

Step 1. Look for the Quicktime on Finder then launch the tool. Click the File and Open File to locate the video and open it.

QuickTime Speed Up

Step 2. While the video is playing, click the fast-forward button to speed it up.

QuickTime Speed

Step 3. And if you want to stop the speed up, click the pause/play button.

QuickTime The Speed Up

3. Windows Media Player

If Mac has its own pre-installed media player, then Windows has its own unique media player, the Windows Media Player. Just like QuickTime, this tool is already pre-installed on Windows and ready to be used to watch and make video 2x faster than its usual speed. However, we consider the speed up of this tool to be the worst because it removes the visual and jumps from seconds to second instead of playing fast. But if that is okay with you then follow the steps below on how to speed it up.

Step 1. Launch the tool to your Windows desktop

Step 2. Click the Playlist then drag and drop the video file to the small box on the right side.

WMP Speed Up

Step 3. The video will automatically be played, to speed up click and hold the fast-forward button and release it to stop.

WMP Speed

Part 4. FAQs about 2x Video

Which is better: slow-motion or speed up?

Actually, it depends on the situation you are supposedly going to use it in. Although both of the adjustments you will do will help you. So, if you are watching a tutorial or you want to reveal the trick of the magician then use slow motion. However, if you are in a rush and need to watch many video clips then it is a must to watch it in order to speed up playback.

Can I record into a super-fast motion playback?

Yes, you can use a time lapse to make an hour-long video into a minute or second. But unlike speeding up, time lapse is much faster than the usual 2x, 4x, 8x speed up.

What is the disadvantage of watching video at 2x speed?

Although watching videos at this kind of speed can help you a lot, there are a lot of disadvantages playing that speed can happen to you. For example, if playing video into this becomes your habit then the normal speed of the video will become slower.


So now that you know the different tools you can use to watch videos at 2x speed.It is now the right time to choose which you prefer. So, we hope that this article helps you to choose which is better. It is either you will use a media player to do the adjustment of speed or use the editor like the Video Converter Ultimate. Although whatever solution you choose is, they all work the best to be used by you as a user.


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