VLC Media Player – A Brief Review Video Player and Best Alternatives on Windows and Mac

What are the best alternatives to VLC Media Player? As one of the most popular video players for Windows and Mac, VLC Media Player has some advanced features, especially for play video files. But what are the best alternatives when the VLC player does not work? Just learn more about the simple review of VLC Media Player, as well as the 5 best alternatives from the article. Just learn more about the features and choose the desired one according to your requirement.

VLC Media Player Alternative

Part 1: A Simple Review about VLC Media Player

Just as mentioned above, VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players for all platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. There are some advanced features, such as converting any file format, streaming and downloading YouTube videos, record video, and audio files, and even create bookmarks. Of course, VLC Media Player should be an excellent media player.

VLC media player

Part 2: Why VLC Media Player Does Not Work

What is the best troubleshooting when you encounter no sound or other problems of VLC Media Player? Here are some frequently asked questions you should know as below.

1. Why Audio Not Working on VLC Media Player?

Of course, you can check the VLC audio settings, which you can go to the Tools menu and select the Preference option. Then you can tweak the different parameters, such as the Enable time-stretching audio option. After that, you can check the Windows Volume Mixer to find whether the audio of the VLC Media Player works.

2. How to Fix VLC Media Player Lagging or Shuttering?

If you have some problems with the video playback, you can change the caching value, disable the hardware-accelerated decoding, or change the video output module. Of course, you can also choose a professional VLC Media Player alternative to playback the high-quality movies.

3. How to Fix VLC Media Player Keeps Crashing?

Have another check for the media file with another media player, check the compatibility settings for the program. If you are not able to play MKV files with VLC Media Player, you can also disable the pre-loading MKV files to find whether it works.

Part 3: 5 Best Alternatives to VLC Media Player

What should you do if VLC Media Player does not work? If you just need to use VLC as the default media player, or need to use another media player as a temporary solution, the online video player should be the best choice. Of course, you can find more alternatives to VLC Media Player as below.

Method 1: FVC Free Video Player

If you just need a temporary media player alternative to VLC Media Player, FVC Free Video Player is the best method to play media files online. You can simply launch the online media player to play videos and DVDs with ease. It enables you to adjust the playing effects, take screenshots, custom playing process and more.

Play video

Method 2: GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is a free VLC Media Player alternative that enables you to download different skins for decoration the user interface. It also supports all formats of videos and audio files and allows you to capture part audio from the whole video. But GOM Media Player only has a Windows version that cannot be used on other platforms.

GOM Player

Method 3: RealPlayer

RealPlayer is another great alternative to VLC Media Player for free. Besides the basic playback features, you can also download the videos, convert the videos to another format, or even keep your videos private with a password. It also supports a wide range of media formats, like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, and more others.


Method 4: MPlayerX for Mac

MPlayerX is an alternative to VLC Media Player for Mac. Because is it a media player based on FFmpeg and MPlayer that supports most videos and audio files. Moreover, you can take advantage of some advanced features, such as the playlist support, Apple remote service, and more other Apple devices.


Method 5: UM Player

When you need to adjust the best audio quality as the VLC Media Player, UM Player is another alternative. It supports most of the video codec, as well as the DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Moreover, the media player also has the advanced features for built-in subtitle search and YouTube player.



Of course, VLC Media Player is always the initial choice to play videos on your computer. Here are more solutions when the versatile media player does not work well. When you need to choose an alternative to the VLC player, FVC online video player is a recommended one you can take into consideration for playing videos online. If you have any query about the review, you can share more details in the comment.

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