4 of Unrivaled MTV Video Recorders for Windows and Mac Computers

Have you ever wondered what kind of file is MTV? Did you come across this file? Most people may not know about this file because it was just recently released. This is made to play videos on portable MP4 players mostly from China. The developer uses a display series of raw 465/555 which depicts a lower frame rate that results in lower video quality. This might be the case, many are still using this format because most Music generating software is also using .mtv.

Conversely, .mtv file extension might be a good alternative, it is still suggested to try other file formats to get the best quality of the video. This tool is also similar to MP4, it is made in its likeness. So, why compromise the best experience? But if you still prefer having the .mtv file format for your recording output, we got your back. If you continue reading the article, we provided a list of MTV video recorders you can find online.

MTV Recorder

Part 1. Top MTV Recorder for Windows and Mac

FVC Free Screen Recorder

Leading on the list of best .mtv video recorders is FVC Free Screen Recorder. Although this will not let you record files on a .mtv file, it gives you the best output. In three easy steps, you can produce a high-quality video tutorial for your class, or for your YouTube channel. While recording, you can actually add shapes, text, arrows, and lines without being limited. Correspondingly, this can record video without being bothered by background noise because it records the system sound of your PC. As can be seen, it is a good option. You can also learn more about it by reading through the steps below.

Step 1. You need to activate the launcher by clicking Video Recorder from the main webpage of the FVC Free Screen Recorder.

FVC Opn Launcher

Step 2. Next, adjust the frame to match the size of the video you are recording. Then click the REC button to begin your recording.

FVC Start Recording

Step 3. While recording, click the Pencil icon to allow you to annotate while recording.

FVC Free Annotate

Step 4. Once done, click the Square icon in color blue to stop the recording.

FVC Stop The Record

Step 5. Check the recorded file by clicking the file name from the main interface.

FVC Checking Record


  • No registration needed.
  • Unlimited recording.
  • No limit in duration.
  • Adjustable bitrate and frame.


  • It supports two formats only WMV and MP4.

FVC Screen Recorder

If you are looking for a more flexible and can offer more than what the free tool can do, let's talk about the Premium version of the tool. Flawless, lossless and flexible is how we can describe FVC Screen Recorders. It works with perfection and delicate screen recording that allows you to record MTV videos in super-high quality. This tool sets the standard a little higher because of the features. There are a lot, but one noticeable feature is the Window Lock feature that allows you to record a specific screen and continue with your busy work without being interrupted. Isn't that amazing? There is more to discover with this tool, you can check the list of advantages and disadvantages below. Meanwhile, here is how you can use the app.

Step 1. Download and install the app by clicking the download button below.

Step 2. Follow the set-up wizard until the app is launched. Once it is launched, adjust the frame to change the ratio of the recording.

FVC Sr Vid Recorder

Step 3. To record click the REC button to begin the recording. If you want to, you can also add annotations while recording.

FVC Sr Start Record

Step 4. Once done recording click the red Square button to finish recording.

Aiseesoft Sr Stop buttn

Step 5. To save the recording click Save and view the saved file.

FVC Sr Save Rerecord


  • Acceleration is supported for better streaming video recording.
  • Adjustable bitrate up to the best quality.
  • Window Lock feature.
  • Record for 24 hours straight!


  • The tool requires a premium subscription.


Another software that is dedicated to creating easy to use but full-pack software is Bandicam. Two of the best apps they are proud of are the Bandicut Video Cutter and the Bandicam Screen Recording. Comparing this tool to FVC Screen Recorder, they are on the same level of reliability. You can produce a video in HD quality, record with no limitation, and annotate in real-time with ease. If FVC Screen Recorder carries a unique feature, so can Bandicam. Zoom in and Zoom out while recording! Yes, while recording, you can zoom in on specific parts you think you have to emphasize. Relatively, there is more to discover. Check out the list below and be informed.

FVC The MTV Bandicam


  • Zoom in and zoom out are supported.
  • Unlimited recording with no duration limitation.
  • HD quality output.
  • Can multitask (annotation while recording).


  • The tool is a paid app.

OBS Studio

Popular with Gamers and live streamers, OBS established its name over time because of its consistent performance. Many find this tool very helpful in many aspects. One good example is recording while doing Live Streaming in real-time. Aside from that, you can associate your video streaming website account like YouTube and Twitch to directly broadcast your live broadcast. To sum it up, convenience and multitasking are just some of the reasons why they made it to the top. Well, there is more to learn about this app. Continue reading to know more about it.



  • Benchmarking is supported.
  • It can record video and audio.
  • HD quality output max of 1080p while streaming.
  • No lags.


  • The tool interface is a little overwhelming.

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Part 2. FAQs about MTV Recorder

How can I convert MTV format to MP4?

To convert MTV format, follow these steps:
1. Visit https://www.free-videoconverter.net/free-online-video-converter/.
2. Activate the launcher and upload the MTV file.
3. Change the format of the file to your desire.
4. Set the file location then the file will automatically be downloaded.

What player can I use to open MTV format files?

Here are some of the players you can consider using:
1. MTV Video Converter.
2. MPlayerX.
3. VLC Player.
4. MTV Video Converter.
5. FVC Free Video Player

What is the difference between MTV and MP4?

They are very much different. MP4 is a compressed format that contains High Video quality output. Meanwhile, MTV produces a lower quality. Also, MP4 can be played on a lot of Video Players compared to MTV.

Part 3. Comparison Chart

Feature FVC Free Screen Recorder FVC Screen Recorder Bandicam OBS Studio
Audio and Video recording Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Video Editing Feature Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Lock-in Window Feature Cross Mark Tick Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark
Annotating Feature Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Zoom feature Cross Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark Cross Mark
Malware Safe Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Adjustable Bit rate and aspect ratio Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Live Streaming Recording Tick MarkTick MarkTick MarkTick Mark
Acceleration Tick MarkTick Mark Cross Mark Cross Mark
Benchmarking Cross Mark Tick Mark Cross Mark Tick Mark


To sum it all up, MTV might be developed to replace MP4, but it still cannot do what MP4 can. If it will continue to improve in the near future, it has a possibility of outgrowing other formats. Also, do not forget to look at some of the best MTV recorders in this list.


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