Learn How to Record on Minecraft with the Best Screen Recording Tools

Everyone who loves playing games on the computer knows Minecraft. Because of its wide popularity it already influences a lot of streamers to stream this game. And most of them do an epic highlight that made them popular. Like the Dreams boat clutch, a lot of us already tried it many times but we failed. After trying it a lot of times you now made it but no one is there to see your clutch. Moreover, the best way to share your own Dreams boat clutch is to record it. So, here we are presenting to you the different tools you can use and learn how to record on Minecraft. By continuing reading this article you will find out the best recording software you will find on the web.

Record Minecraft

Part 1. How to Record Minecraft Using an Online Tool

FVC Free Screen Recorder

FVC Free Screen Recorder

Do you want to learn how to record a Minecraft video online? Then try to read and use this tool. The FVC Screen Recorder has no hidden charges included. Also, the web tool interface has no annoying or pesky ads. In addition, you can record without limit here. Although the tool seems ready to be used on screen recording, the online tool has no gameplay mode. But you can still use this tool if you have internet available. So, to know how to use this tool then it is a must to follow the steps provided below.

Step 1. To access the tool, click this link first.

Step 2. Press the Start Recording then download the launcher if this is your first time and install it. Re-click the Start Recording to launch the tool this time.

Press The Start Recording And Download

Step 3. Adjust the frame ratio of your screen then open your Camera to add your reaction, Speaker to add the sound generated on game, and the Microphone to add your voice.

Adjust The Frame Ratio Of Your Screen

Step 4. Then click the REC button to start the recording.

Click The Rec Button To Start The Recording

Step 5. To end the recording click the square button and click the first file on the Recording List. To re-watch the clutch before you send or upload it.

End The Recording Click The Square

Part 2. How to Record Minecraft with the 2 of the Best Recorders Offline Tools

1st. FVC Screen Recorder

Want to capture every moment of your stunts performed on Minecraft? Then FVC Screen Recorder is the best fit for you. This tool is much better than its online tool and OBS if we talk about the overall performance and user-friendly interface. This tool supports Game Recorder that you can use to make the game recording as swiftly as possible. Also, you can use and edit the hotkeys to command the tool for easier access. You can do the non-stop recording even if it lasts up to 24/7. So, to know how to record Minecraft on Windows 10 or Mac then follow the steps carefully.

Step 1. Download then install the software to your drive. Then do a quick set up of the software and click finish to save the set-up.

Step 2. Click the Game Recorder and allow the tool to run as administrator then press OK. Re-click the Game Recorder to proceed.

Game Recorder And Allow The Tool

Step 3. LaunchMinecraft first then wait for it to be fully loaded. Press the Select Game and choose Minecraft.

Launch The Minecraft First Then Wait

Step 4. Before you start recording, turn the Webcam on to add your reaction while recording. Then turn on the System Sound and the Microphone to add your audio and the sound of the game. Click the REC button to start the recording and the game will automatically be displayed into your screen. And now you can do the epic stunts you want to capture.

Before You Start Recording

Step 5. If you want to end the recording click the cube button to stop. Save and Next to proceed saving the video. The History will show to your screen and click the first file to re-watch the epic stunts you've made and share it later.

End The Recording Click The Cube Button

2nd. OBS

OBS Minecraft

OBS is well known for being one of the complicated tools a lot of users use. But it always produces great quality although it is hard to use. So, if you want to learn how to record Minecraft with OBS make sure that you have a lot of spare time. Because this tool is a lot more complicated than it seems, so if you don't have an idea how to do it then follow this step below.

Step 1. Download the OBS first on your drive.

Step 2. Then open Minecraft first and go to the Source panel then click the Game Capture. Change the mode to Capture Specific Window then next click the windows drop-down button and choose the file name of Minecraft. Then click OK to proceed.

Step 3. Click the Start Recording to start the recording. And to end it, click the Stop Recording and the screen recording will automatically be saved to your storage.

Part 3. FAQs about Recording Minecraft

What are the popular games on PC right now?

There are a lot of popular games on PC but these are the first 5 games that are always on top of every review. First is the Minecraft published by Mojang on 2011, next on the list is the League of Legend or known as LOL created by the Riot Games on 2009, Counter Strike Global developed by Valve Corporation on 2012, Grand Theft Auto Five published by the Rockstar Games and developed by the Rockstar north on 2013, and lastly is the Valorant created by the Riot Games on 2020.

Is Bandicam the best tool to do the recording?

A lot of people have their different opinion on Bandicam, but let's learn and determine if this tool is worth a shot to be used. So, to know more about the Bandicam click this link to go to the new write up talking about the Bandicam.

How to upload a large file video on YouTube?

As YouTube is well known for its video sharing platform a lot of users try to upload videos. But when we upload a large file size video it will take a lot of your time. So now, the best way to post it easily is to compress the video without losing the quality of it. Determine how to compress the video file and post it on YouTube easily.


So now to end this discussion, it is now easier for you to understand how to record Minecraft on PC. Maybe right now you already choose your screen recorder but to add more the FVC Screen Recorder is the right choice. Because you can easily manage to use this tool even if you are a beginner. Learning how to use this unrivaled screen recorder is not too hard. So, before you start your Dream boat clutch recording make sure that you have already downloaded this software.


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