Simplest Ways to Convert MPG to MKV Using the Best Converters [Free]

Sadly, MPG files do not contain subtitle tracks; however, you can convert your file to a file format that stores numerous subtitle tracks in different languages. And if you are looking for a way to convert your MPG file to MKV easily, we provide the simple steps to convert MPG to MKV online and offline; read this article until the end.


Part 1. Why Convert MPG to MKV

MPG file format is one of the most commonly used file formats on the web. This file format is developed by MPEG or Moving Pictures Expert Groups. In addition, this type of file can store video, audio, and metadata. Moreover, almost all media players widely support these types of files. In contrast, MKV or Matroska files is a media file container that stores video, audio, and subtitle tracks into one file. This file type is also famous for movie enthusiasts because it can handle audio tracks in different languages.

Part 2. Quickest Way to Convert MPG to MKV Offline

There are a lot of converters in the market that can convert MPG to MKV. However, if you want a converter that can do an ultra-fast conversion, FVC Video Converter Ultimate is the best tool. And if you want to remove watermark from your videos, this converter has the feature to do so. Moreover, it can also do a batch conversion to merge multiple file-formats into one. Want to know the advantages of using this MPG to MKV Converter? Then read the details below.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

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Follow the steps below to convert your MPG file to MKV.

Step 1. Download FVC Converter Ultimate by clicking the Download button below for Windows or macOS. Then follow the installation process, and run the app.

Step 2. For the next step, click the Add Files or the + sign button to upload your MPG file on the software's main interface.

Upload MPG File

Step 3. After uploading your MPG file, select the output format by clicking the Convert All to button. In your case, choose the MKV file format.

Selecting Output Formats

Optional. If you want to convert multiple MPG files into one, tick the Merge into one file box. If not, proceed to the next step.

Batch Convert

Step 4. To finish, click the Convert All button to convert your MPG file to an MKV file. Wait for a few seconds, and that’s it! As easy as that, you can easily convert MPG to MKV.

MKV Convert All

Part 3. Convert MPG to MKV Using a Freeware Tool

Ever wonder what the best freeware tool to convert MPG to MKV is? We observed that many users use HandBrake as the first line of choice. This freeware can convert MPG to MKV, WebM, and MP4 files. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface, which is a good thing if you are a beginner. However, it can only convert limited file formats. Nonetheless, it is still an effective tool for converting MPG to MKV.

Step 1. Download HandBrake on your device, then run the application. After opening the app, click the File option on the right side of the software’s interface. When your computer files appear, select your MPG file.

Press File

Step 2. Then select the output file format that you want on the drop-down button beside Format. And then, by clicking the Browse button, choose where your file destination will be.

Choose Format Browse

Step 3. Finally, click the Start Encode button to convert your MPG file to MKV file format.

You can convert MPG to MKV using a freeware converter by following the simple steps above.

Part 4. 2 Methods to Convert MPG to MKV Online

Converting through online converters might be the most convenient option to do. Moreover, you will not need to download anything when using online converters. But instead, you can directly convert online. However, your conversion speed will depend on how fast your internet connection is. Nonetheless, we listed below the two best methods to convert your MPG file to MKV.

Method 1. Use FVC Free Online Video Converter

FVC Free Online Video Converter is a free online converter that conveniently converts various file formats. It supports file formats like MPG to MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3, and more. It also has a beginner-friendly converter because it has an easy-to-use GUI. Moreover, it has a feature that allows you to change your file's video and audio bitrate. So, if you are interested in this MPG to MKV converter online, follow the steps below.

Step 1. In your browser, search FVC Free Online Video Converter, or go directly to the webpage by clicking this link. And then launch the software application.

Step 2. After launching the app, click the Add Files to Convert button. Your computer files will appear, then select your MPG file.

Add MPG File

Step 3. And then choose MKV as your output format.

Choose MKV

Step 4. For the last step, click the Convert button. Then your MPG to MKV conversion will begin.

Method 2. Use CloudConvert

Another online converter that you can use is CloudConvert. This converter is very efficient to use because of its simple interface. Moreover, you can also compress your files when using it. However, it only supports limited file formats. Despite that, many still use this converter for convenience purposes.

Step 1. In your browser, search CloudConvert. When you are already on the webpage, click the Select Files button. Then select your MPG file when your computer files appear.

Select File

Step 2. Then, choose the MKV file as your output format on the drop-down button.

Output Format

Step 3. Lastly, click the Convert button. Then wait for your file to be converted, and voila! With those three easy steps, you can change MPG to MKV.

Part 5. FAQs about Converting MPG to MKV

Does converting MPG to MKV affect the file size?

Yes, although it does not affect that much when you convert MPG to MKV file, the file size increases.

Which has a larger file size?

MKV files have a larger file size compared to MPG files because MKV files contain video, audio, and multiple subtitle tracks into one file.

Can you compress MKV files?

You can compress MKV files by using a file compressing tool. FVC Video Converter Ultimate has a feature that allows you to compress your large video files.


This article got your back if you are looking for the best ways to convert MPG to MKV files. All the converters presented above show promising performance when converting files. But if you are looking for a converter with many outstanding features, you might want to try using FVC Video Converter Ultimate as your first line of choice. If you are not convinced yet, download it to try the best converter you could use.


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