Newest and Easiest Guidelines How to Convert AMV to AVI [2021]

You want to edit your video in the best video editor you have, but you can't upload your video because the video editor didn't support your AMV video format. For another instance, if you want to convert AMV to AVI, what are the chances of finding the best tool to solve your problem? This very new topic needs to be considered reading various enlighten your knowledge about how to convert AMV to AVI and their details, comparison, and differences to each other.


Part 1. How to Convert AMV to AVI on Windows and Mac

Video Converter Ultimate is the best converter the internet can offer either for converting or editing intention. There's a lot of things you can do with this software that can help your video turn to another level. One of the main features this software can provide is the massive video formats it can support, so you don't have to worry about some unfamiliar video formats you need to convert. It is a professional-wise tool that can convert excellent quality videos. That's why converting AMV to AVI is not going to be a challenging part. Let's buckle up and learn all the procedures this software can provide in converting AMV to AVI.

Step 1. First and foremost, you need to download the software by clicking the Free Download button below. You can choose if you will download the software either from Windows and Mac. After you finish downloading, install it to your desktop, and you can now begin using it by clicking Start Now.

Step 2. Open the software you download. After you launch the software, a window will pop up, and you will see the Converter interface.

Open File Video Converter

Step 3. Proceed with converting by importing your files to the converter. Click the + icon or drag the video file you wish to convert.

Add File To Convert

Step 4. Click the selection of video formats to the right corner. Locate and choose the AVI format. After selecting the format, you can now choose different video quality an AVI format can provide. But you can also customize the quality of your video if your preferred video output is not on the choices. You can change and adjust the resolution, frame rate, and even audio quality settings by clicking the gear icon. Click Create New to save the changes.

Converting Process

Step 5. After you have adjusted the video file and it is ready to be converted, change the destination of your converted video file first and click Convert All to transfer it to your computer.

Export The File

Part 2. How to Convert AMV to AVI Online

What if you have no time to download some applications and software to use in converting AMV to AVI? This online tool is a call to help with your problem, introducing ConvertFiles. This online tool can help you convert numerous supported formats online for free; only you have to have excellent connectivity to convert files. In addition, this online tool is very accessible to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface that is very straightforward to the converting process and doesn't include third-party apps. Here are the steps you need to know in order to convert using this online tool:

Step 1. Search ConvertFiles to any search engine. Click the online tool, and the interface of the web tool will appear.

Convert Files Online Tools

Step 2. Upload a file by clicking Browse. With this, you can search for your video on your file on your desktop and put it on the web tool. Choose an input format, and formally this is the format of the video file you want to convert. And the output format, a video format that where your original video file will be converted to.

Open Files Online Tools

Step 3. To convert and export the file, click Convert and wait for the file to process for a while. The larger the file size, the longer it will take to process. Then, click the link that will appear to download the file.

Download The Link

Part 3. Facts You Want to Know about AMV and AVI

Video files in the AMV (Actions Media Video) format can only be played back on MP4 and S1 MP3 players with video capabilities. It is a Microsoft-created video container or wrapper format that stores video data encoded in various codecs and can be played by a variety of video players.However, compared to other video formats like MPEG and MOV, an AVI file uses less compression and thus consumes more space. AVI files do not have to be compressed when being created. Because the files are no longer compressed, they are much larger and take up a lot of space — about 2-3 GB per minute of video. No matter how many times you open or save a lossless file, the quality will not degrade. In addition, no codecs are required for playback.

Part 4. FAQs about Converting AMV to AVI

Are AMV and AVI the same?

A modified AVI container serves as the transport for the data. All known AMV files run sound at 22050 samples/second and use an IMA ADPCM variant with the first 8 bytes of each frame being origin (16 bits), index (16 bits), and the number of encoded 16-bit samples (32 bits).

Can you convert AVI to MP4 without losing quality?

Using VLC Media Player, you can convert AVI files to MP4 files. VLC's Media menu can be accessed from the top bar by selecting it and then clicking Convert/Save. Select the videos you want to convert by clicking Add in the Open Media window. At the very bottom, there is a Convert/Save button to be clicked.

Is AVI better than MP4?

When it comes to YouTube, AVI and MP4 are acceptable formats, but MP4 does a much better job because it can be compressed without sacrificing video or audio quality. It's easier to edit video files in AVI, but the quality suffers because it must be compressed to fit into a smaller file. You can read on AVI vs. MP4 to explore more detailed information.


After all this article has discussed, AMV is not a very common video file supported by other converters both online and offline. There's Video Converter Ultimate that you can download anytime, and it is free. You can now convert AMV into various types of video formats. Also, you can adjust and change the video quality of the converted output so that it will fit every purpose you want for the desired output, either for entertainment, business or schoolwork. These will be the very best choices you need to consider in converting this kind of format you're unfamiliar with.


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