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Amazingly Convert HEIC to SVG with the Best and Fastest Converters

HEIC files are image formats with small file sizes while maintaining high-quality resolutions. But if you are writing a website or creating a logo for your page, you might want to think to use another image format. An image format that is the best for websites is an SVG image file. So, in this article, you will know the best tools to help you convert HEIC to SVG image format.


Part 1. HEIC vs. SVG

HEIC is an image format Apple developed. Because of its high-quality resolution and does not take up much space on devices, it is one of the most common image formats nowadays. In addition to that, you can natively open HEIC images using iPhone, Mac, and other Apple devices. However, if you use a Windows device, you cannot view HEIC images. Unlike any other format, the SVG image format stores images as vectors.

These image formats can be expanded and shrunk without losing their quality. Furthermore, SVG images are commonly used in professional websites, logos, Icons, and Infographics. Also, all web browsers support SVG files; therefore, opening SVG files will not be difficult for you.

Part 2. Convert HEIC to SVG Effortlessly with the Best Online Converters

Many online converters can convert HEIC to SVG; however, not all converters are easy-to-use and safe. So in this part, you will know the best converters that are user-friendly and safe. Therefore, sit back and relax, as you will learn how to convert HEIC to SVG easily. is one of the most popular online converters available on the internet. This tool allows you to convert HEIC to SVG without worrying about the quality. You can easily convert your HEIC file to SVG with its fast conversion process. However, since it is a web-based application, it contains ads that might be disturbing for you. Nonetheless, many people use this online converter as their first line of choice.

Step 1. On your browser, search Then, click the Choose Files button on the software’s main interface. Your computer files will appear, then you will select your HEIC image, then click Open to upload it.

Choose The Files

Step 2. After uploading your HEIC file, click the up-down button to select the output format that you want. And then click the Convert Now button.

Click Convert Now Buttons

You can resize your image by clicking the up-down button beside Resize Image.

Resize Image

Step 3. Finally, click the Save icon to download your SVG image.

Save Icon


  • It can convert HEIC to SVG quickly.
  • It allows you to resize your image and adjust its quality.
  • Accessible on almost all web-browsers like Google, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.


  • It contains ads. is another online tool that can convert a HEIC image to an SVG image. This converter has a simple user interface, making it a beginner-friendly tool. Also, you can adjust the background color and color count of your image by using its advanced features. But when your internet connection is slow, you may experience having a slow conversion process.

Step 1. First, search on your browser. And on the software’s main interface, click the Choose Files button. When your computer files appear, select your HEIC image.

Upload HEIC Image

Step 2. Next, click the drop-down button beside Output, then select the output image file you want.

Click Output Format

Step 3. Lastly, click the Convert to SVG button, wait for your file to finish converting, and click the Download button.

Convert to SVG


  • It is safe to use.
  • It allows you to convert HEIC to SVG quickly.
  • It has a simple user interface.


  • It contains pesky ads.


Another online converter that is worth using is MConverter. This online HEIC to SVG converter has a straightforward software interface. You don't need to worry about your data because this tool is safe to use. Furthermore, it supports many image formats, including HEIC, SVG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. However, it can only convert images with a 200MB below file size.

Step 1. On your browser, search MConverter. Then, drag and drop your HEIC image on the software's main interface.

Drag and Drops

Step 2. On the next interface, click the SVG image format as your output. Then your image will begin to convert.

SVG Image Format

Step 3. And then, click the Download All button to download your SVG image.

Download All Button


  • It has an easy-to-use software interface.
  • It supports various file formats, including HEIC, SVG, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • It is safe to use.


  • It contains disturbing ads.

Part 3. Recommendation: Convert Your HEIC Files With the Best HEIC Converter

The tools mentioned above are truly amazing. But if you are searching for a converter that is not web-based and has a fast conversion speed, you might want to download this application. Aiseesfoft HEIC Converter is an offline HEIC converter. It allows you to convert your HEIC image to the most standard image formats like JPG and PNG. Therefore, if you are searching for a way to view your HEIC image on Windows, this converter is best. Moreover, it has a feature that enables you to batch convert HEIC files to JPG and PNG images.

What's even more amazing is that it keeps your EXIF data when you convert, which other converters cannot do. You can also adjust your image's quality by using this converter.

Features of Aiseesoft HEIC Converter:

- It allows you to convert HEIC to PNG and JPG format.

- It has an ultra-fast converting process.

- It can keep the EXIF data of your file.

- Downloadable on all cross-media platforms, including Windows and Mac.

Part 4. FAQs about Converting HEIC to SVG

Which is a better image format, HEIC or SVG?

HEIC and SVG both have a high-quality resolution and a small file size. However, HEIC is not compatible with other devices other than Apple devices. Unlike SVG, which is compatible with almost all devices and image editing applications.

Is SVG a lossless file?

Yes. SVG images have lossless file compression, so they do not lose data when you compress them.

What is the disadvantage of using an SVG file?

SVG is a vectorized image format, which means they are not pixelated but instead it uses images as vectors. However, since it relies on points and paths instead of pixels, they do not portray the details of the image.


Indeed, all of the information above is factual and reliable. All the online HEIC to SVG converters will help you to easily convert HEIC to SVG image format. However, not all the converters shown have the same features; it is now in your hands on what to choose. But, if you are looking for a converter that can convert HEIC to JPG or PNG offline and free, then Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is the best tool for you. So, download it now, and enjoy its unique features.


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