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What is Joyoshare HEIC Converter: All-Inclusive Review of the Software

Natively, the images that you capture using your iOS device are encoded into a HEIC or HEIF format that saves many spaces in your storage. With the recent release of the format, everyone pays attention to the abilities this format can do to your image while retaining a high-quality output. Other operating systems do not support the HEIC files despite this new lossy compression. Suppose you transfer an image file in this type of format on your Windows or Android and try to click it to view it. In that case, you will receive a pop-up dialogue box that says it is unsupported or corrupted. But don’t be sad because there is a solution to this problem by converting it into a JPEG format. One of the best converters you can use on Windows and Mac is the Joyoshare HEIC Converter.

So, today we will review the software and see if it is the best pick for converting the HEIC to JPEG. The information we add below is front to back so that we can understand it and unveil the truth about the converter.

Joyoshare HEIC Converter Review

Part 1. Comprehensive Joyoshare HEIC Converter Review

Joyoshare HEIC to JPG Converter is a lightweight converter you can have on your Windows and Mac. It can change the format of your HEIC into a standard JPEG or the image format of your choice. You can also use the software to upload and convert multiple HEIC files here simultaneously. In addition to that, there are other features this tool has, such as:

◆ Learning how to use it is easy, and it also supports drag and drops features to upload the HEIC file easily.

◆ Change the video resolution and quality here effortlessly.

◆ It can keep the aspect ratio of the image and the metadata of the original HEIC file.

◆ It supports other image formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and WebP.


  • You wouldn’t need to have technical skills to use the converter.
  • It is an ideal converter for converting multiple HEIC files at once.
  • It exports the converted HEIC file on your drive and not the cloud.


  • Once converting is done, it leaves a watermark on the free version.
  • You will need to purchase the software before using its full potential.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG Using Joyoshare HEIC Converter:

Step 1. Download the software into your Windows or Mac before you can use it.

Step 2. Open the software and go to Others inside it; click HEIC Converter.

Open HEIC Converter

Step 3. Drag and drop the file in here to upload the HEIC file. Under Format, choose the extension you want to have and click OK.

Add File and Change Format

Step 4. Click the convert button to start the process. A folder will show the converted HEIC file on your screen if the conversion is done.

Convert HEIC Format

Part 2. 3 of the Best Alternatives for Joyoshare HEIC Converter on the Web

Although the software we mentioned above is great, the bad thing about it is that it places a watermark on the converted HEIC file you’ve uploaded here. But overall, the software is far better than the other HEIC converter you can have on your Windows and Mac. This part will introduce the web tool you can use to convert HEIC to JPG without leaving a watermark at the end of the image. These are the best alternatives for Joyoshare HEIC Converter on the web.

FVC Free HEIC to JPG Converter

HEIC Converter for FVC

FVC Free HEIC to JPG Converter is your one-stop HEIC to JPG converter you can conveniently access the web. Unlike the HEIC converter we review above, this web tool won’t add a watermark on the file you export and won’t ask you for payment because it is free to use. You can convert the HEIC file to JPG on your drive with a single click, whether you are a Windows or a Mac user. Also, you can add multiple HEIC files here because it can work converting numerous images at once while retaining the EXIF data bind on your file. So, suppose you want the best alternative for Joyoshare on the web.

In that case, there is no need to think twice because this is the converter you must use to solve the problem of compatibility of your HEIC.

HEIC Online

HEIC Online

As the first web tool, HEIC Online offers you a helping hand on converting the HEIC into a JPEG like what Joyoshare HEIC to JPG converter can do. This web tool is free of charge and will not add a watermark on the final product. Instead of downloading a converter on your desktop, you can save some space using a web tool. In addition to its converting capabilities, you can also use this online converter to manipulate the quality of the final output. You have the chance to remove or not the EXIF file in your HEIC file. Even though the tool has a lot to offer, there are many ads on the website if you try to access and use it.

Although ads can be pesky most of the time, it is still easy to use. So, if you think that the ads don’t bother you, you might like to try using this HEIC converter to change the format to JPG.

Fileproinfo – HEIC to JPG Converter

Filepro Info HEIC Converter

Without a doubt, Fileproinfo – HEIC to JPG Converter can become handy for converting your HEIC file into a JPG or into another image format you want to have. This converter doesn’t require you to log in, pay, or install any files about the converter before you can use it. Numerous users already know this web converter. It is one of the best picks for converting format into the format of their choice. Despite being a free converter online, ads are killing this tool.

While using it, expect that many pop-up ads will show on every action you do here. And it is unpleasant that there are surprisingly ads while converting. Even if you don’t convert and visit it, there are ads on the sides that you may accidentally click. Nonetheless, the converter does what it should: converting the HEIC into a JPEG.

Part 3. FAQs about Joyoshare HEIC Converter

Why does image quality become lower after converting on Joyoshare HEIC Converter?

Before converting the HEIC to JPG, you must extend the quality up to the maximum to expect that the quality will not even decrease slightly. After you click the Format, you can locate it, drag the slider to the right to make it higher and on the left to lower, then click OK to save it.

Why is there a watermark after exporting on Joyoshare HEIC Converter?

Because the free trial is activated, it will leave a watermark on the image you export and convert here. So, to remove the watermark, you must purchase the software, and every time you export the picture, there will be no watermark added at the end.

How long is the free trial of Joyoshare HEIC Converter?

There isn’t any limitation on the free trial of the Joyoshare HEIC Converter, so you can maximize using the software on the free version. But you can purchase the converter on its official website to use it without any limitation, unlike the free version.


After reading this article, you now have a compound idea about Joyoshare HEIC Converter, its features, pros and cons, and how to use it. It has become easier for every reader to understand if it is the best choice to convert the HEIC to JPG or other formats you want to have. Although the software has excellent overall, there are still cons to the software. So, it is in your hands to pick if this is the tool for you, but if you decide it is not, you can choose from the alternatives we include above.


Rating: 4.5 / 5 (based on 150 votes)