Discover the Reasons Why Are My iPhone Photos Are on HEIC Format [Solved]

After you take a photo on your device, it is noticeable that the image format is in the HEIC. As Apple Inc. provides us with the latest devices we can use, they also offer a solution on their current situation for every user who takes many photos on their phones. By changing the standard image format of the new devices into HEIC. As HEIC became the new standard image format and replaced the JPEG or JPG, many users have queries about HEIC, and one of the frequently asked questions is why my iPhone photo is in HEIC format. To answer what you are looking for, you must keep up the pace reading this article as we show you its purpose.

Why Are My Photos HEIC

Part 1. Why Are My iPhone Photos Are On HEIC

Many significant factors make Apple choose HEIC as a default image format on every updated iOS and Mac device. To make it easier for you to understand, we will make a bullet form of why my photos are HEIC.

4 Major Reasons That Makes the HEIC Format Better than Other Image Formats:

◆ The format uses a modernized compression that is quite good, especially if you want to edit the HEIC image. Even though you edit it many times, the quality of the HEIC will remain because of its compression.

◆ With the modernized compression it has, it is also storage friendly which means you can save a lot of storage space if the images you have is in this format. The image file uses a lossy compression that can compress the image into almost half the size of a JPEG while retaining the same quality.

◆ Although the format uses a lossy compression like the JPEG, the format can give you an on-point detail on image than what you can get on JPEG. With the broader color dynamics than the JPEG, the image in this format is detailed and has a high-quality output.

◆ Unlike JPEG, HEIC uses 1-color transparency which means if you want to have a high-quality background of the image or use the HEIC file as a logo, you won't encounter a problem.

There are numerous reasons why the format became the standard image format and became a replacement for the JPEG. SO if you are still thinking, why are my photos in HEIC instead of JPG, then here is your answer.

Part 2. How to Change the Setting Back to JPEG Instead of HEIC

There are many reasons why you should choose the HEIC over the JPEG, but there are also reasons that make JPEG better than the HEIC and of them is the compatibility. With the JPEG, you can easily transfer the file on any other device because it is natively supported even by software and social media sites. So, if you want to stop taking snaps in the format of HEIC and want to revert the format to JPEG, follow the steps below as we teach how to do it.

Step 1. Open the Settings of your iOS device.

Open Settings

Step 2. Under the Settings, find the Camera and then tap Formats.

Open Camera

Step 3. After you've tapped it under the section of Camera Capture, tap the Most Compatible to start taking snaps with the JPEG format.

Most Compatible

After changing this, you wouldn't need to ask again why my photos are saved as HEIC because today, the image you take will save as JPEG. However, the snaps you took before will remain as a HEIC file because your change will not convert the format to JPEG. But you can read part two if it is possible to convert the HEIC file into a JPG or PNG format.

Part 3. Can I Change HEIC to JPG/PNG Easily?

With Aiseesoft HEIC Converter, you can easily turn your HEIC into a JPEG/JPG or PNG without exerting too much effort. This tool is straightforward, so learning how to use it is unnecessary, and you can start using it even though this is your first time using it. In addition to its ease to use, you can upload multiple HEIC files here and converter them all in the format of your choice, JPEG or PNG.

After you've uploaded multiple files here, the software will start converting them all simultaneously, which could save you a lot of time converting. Isn't it great that this tool can do stuff like that? If you think that this is the right software for you to convert the file you have into JPG or PNG, then you must read the tutorial below and later follow it.

Step 1. You must download the software first on your desktop, choose which operating system you are currently using, and click the download button. Follow the installation promptly after downloading, and launch the tool to proceed.

Step 2. Upload the file by dragging and dropping them in here; you can also click the add button instead; if you want to look for the file on the folder, click Open to upload it on the query.

Add HEIC Files

Step 3. Click the drop-down button and choose the format you want to use. The JPEG format is great for containing a high-quality image, so if you convert your HEIC file in here, then expect to have a high-quality as well. But if you want to retain transparency with high quality, then PNG is.

Choose Format

Step 4. After choosing the format you want to have as a final output, click Convert to start the process. Easy right? And with that, you have now turned your HEIC file into JPEG or PNG at ease.

Change Format


Best HEIC to JPG Converter

Best HEIC Converter

Part 4. FAQs of Why Are My iPhone Photos Are HEIC

What is the disadvantage of using HEIC?

Other than the compatibility, the HEIC doesn't have any flaw other than that; it seems that the image format allows us to know why we should choose the HEIC over the other image format. So, if you wonder when it will be compatible with other devices, we will answer it, and it will be sooner or later.

Does change the HEIC to JPG or PNG will reduce the size?

Sadly, after converting the image to JPG or PNG, the file size will become larger twice as we compare the original HEIC and the converted JPG and PNG. The file size increases because the modern lossy compression isn't supported on JPG and PNG, making the HEIC smaller in size while having high quality.

Can I edit HEIC file?

Yes, you can edit the HEIC image without worrying about the quality after the editing. Unlike JPEG, after you edit the image in this format, the quality slightly becomes lower than the original. But with this format, you wouldn't encounter the same fate as JPEG.


Amazing right? That Apple chooses HEIC as the new standard format, so there is no need to ask questions like why my iPhone photo is in HEIC format because the answer is here. If you want to take a photo with a high-quality one with less file size, the HEIC is your go-to image format. However, HEIC isn't compatible with all devices, so we introduced a converter that could help you. In part three, we introduce a way to change the format to JPEG or PNG, with the help of the Aiseesoft HEIC Converter you can have on Windows and Mac. So, if you want to change the format, there is no other tool that performs best, as mentioned above.

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