3 Easy and Accessible Ways on How to Increase MP4 Volume

Horror is one of the most popular movie genres that people love to watch because of the suspense and thrilling mood they give to people when watching. One of the main factors that suspense or surprise has is the sudden peak of sounds it provides. Horror is known for creative plot twists and many jumps scare, but what if you're a horror movie fan? However, you can't feel the horror movie being suspenseful because your desktop's audio volume is so low that you can't appreciate the jump scares. Because of this common dilemma, this article provides many ways to increase the volume of your MP4 videos and offers different software to fix the low audio volume problems.

Increase MP4 Volume

Part 1: How to Increase Volume of MP4 Using Video Converter Ultimate

When it comes to MP4 files, they're classified as digital multimedia container formats because they contain large amounts of compressed data—non-encoded data stored in small files rather than addressing it directly. Because MP4 files are a standard video format, many video players can play them, but some muffle the sound and make it sound quieter than other video players. Video Converter Ultimate presents its feature, Video Booster, that can increase MP4 video volume so that you can now enjoy watching your favorite movies. Follow the steps below on how to use the software.

Step 1: To download the software, click the Free Download button. The software is then installed and configured as desired.

Step 2: Launch the software by installing it, click the Toolbox feature, and proceed with Volume Booster.

Toolbox Button

Step 3: Add any file by clicking the + button in your preference and proceed with editing the video clip.

Add Video To Volume Booster

Step 4: Adjust the Slider of the audio volume of the video clip. You can adjust the audio delay in this interface too.

Adjust The Volume

Step 5: After editing the video clip's sync, click Export and select a destination for the file.

Export File


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How to Compress MP4 Files

Part 2: How to Increase Volume of MP4 Using VideoLouder

Suppose you are searching for an mp4 volume booster on websites. In that case, VideoLouder is a convenient web tool where you can increase the volume of videos and movies online for free using this free service. It can boost the volume of online video and audio content right from your web browser without downloading anything.

Step 1: Type VideoLouder in the search engine and select your files to your desktop by clicking Browse.

Browse Your File

Step 2: Choose if you want to increase or decrease the volume of your video clip.

Increase Or Decrease Volume

Step 3: Lastly, you will choose the number of decibels you want to convert in your video clip. The higher the decibels of the video, the louder the volume is. If you have already customized the desired adjustment to your file, click Upload File to convert your file. When your file is ready, it will appear on the upper part of the browser tab, and download it to export the file to your computer.

Upload And Download

Part 3: How to Increase MP4 Volume Using MAGIX

Windows PC users who are semi-pros or DIY users can use Magix Movie Edit Pro, the company's video editing program. It's Europe's best-selling video software, and users love it for how simple it is to learn and how stable its rendering is. This software can also help increase mp4 volume differently, but we will teach you the easiest and simplest way.

Step 1: To move the audio object, simply drag the handle to the audio object's center. When the volume is adjusted, a fader will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Increase the video volume by dragging the fader to the right. It's a straightforward process. Clipping, on the other hand, is all too common in loud sections. Clipping can identify the sound of crackling in your audio.

Step 3: Playback may occasionally have a crackling or popping sound. If this happens, open the mixer by pressing 'M.' (or in the toolbar on the right via the mixer button). Check for clipping with a peak meter. Using the waveform display's peaks can also be helpful. At no point should the peak meter reading be higher than 0 dB; if it is, turn down the volume of the audio object even more.

Increase MP4 Volume Using Magix

Part 4. FAQs about Increasing the Volume of MP4

What are decibels?

Logarithmic units such as decibel (dB) function to measure sound levels. Another common application is in electronics, where it serves as a signaling or communication channel between devices. Louder noise is associated with an increase in decibel level. A ten-decibel increase in volume corresponds to a ten-fold increase in intensity (or power) in the audio volume.

Do I lose the quality of the audio if I increase the volume?

In hardware, you can reduce the volume, but the outcome is determined by how you implement the volume control. Due to this, it's unlikely that using one over the other will have much of an impact on audio quality if you're using digital means. However, Increasing the volume can sometimes ruin the quality of the audio. In some applications and software, if you increase the volume, you will hear the cracked or glitchy sounds of the audio. Use Video Converter Ultimate as an mp4 volume booster, thanks to its feature Volume Booster that can increase the volume of your video. Additionally, it also has other helpful and accessible features that can help you to improve your video quality.

Is the VideoLouder and MAGIX can handle any file size?

You can only convert video files to VideoLouder up to 500 MB in maximum, while you can put any video clip without any limitation to its file size. The VideoLouder is a web tool that is free to access on the internet, while the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro needs to be purchased first before you can use the full software.


There is no more struggle in watching low- audio quality movies because of the many ways presented in the article above on how to fix this dilemma. Some are just free on the internet, and some need to be purchased before using, but we recommend using Video Converter Ultimate to increase MP4 video volume since it is free and easy to use.


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