Uncomplicated Steps You Need to Follow in Converting 3GP to MOV

The users can store video, audio, effects, or text in the MOV file, a multimedia container file (e.g., subtitles). However, created by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), it is intended to transmit audio and video data between 3G cell phones and over the Internet. These two video formats have their differences, but to know more about the comparison between them and the converters that can convert 3GP to MOV, read this article thoroughly. Fasten your thoughts, and let's dig in!


Part 1. Introduction about 3GP and MOV

Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) 3GP is a video file format that users can play on devices that support 3G. H.263 or H.264 codecs and AMR or AAC-based audio streams, which are ideal for lossy compression of video data, are included in this package. For 3G networks and multimedia devices, this ISO standard video format has a smaller file size that makes it ideal for sharing videos. Even though it was initially designed and intended for 3G devices, it still runs smoothly on modern 4G devices and operating systems.

However, MOV is an Apple-created video format. Users can store video and multimedia files in this type of file container. Because Apple developed it, it is only compatible with Apple products or Quicktime video players. Video data stored in MOV files at high bitrates with minimal or no compression. Because of the large file sizes, nevertheless, they are of excellent quality.

These are just a brief description of these two video formats. You will encounter all the converters, either software or online tools, that can help you convert your 3GP video format to MOV for further reading.

Part 2. Best Converter that Helps Converting 3GP to MOV on Mac

Let this article introduce you to the best software to consider converting 3GP video files to MOV. Video Converter Ultimate is a free-to-download tool available for Windows and Mac that can convert 3GP to MOV in just a minute. Aside from the great features it holds, this software also supports a massive amount of video formats that other software or online converters don't support.

You're lucky because other than these features, it also has video-enhancing tools that can improve the quality of your video in the accessible ways possible. Now that you have learned a brief description of this software, you can now proceed to learn all the procedures you need to follow in order to execute the converting process properly.

Step 1. First, you have to click the Free Download button below this step to download the software. This software is available on both Windows and Mac so you don't have to worry about using it on both operating systems. After you download the software, you can now install the software and click Start Now to run it on your computer.

Step 2. After you run the software, the interface of this software will pop up on your screen displaying the converter feature alongside the other features available in this software.

Open File For Videos Converter

Step 3. You can now start uploading a video file you want to convert in this software by clicking the + icon or you can also drag your files from your desktop.

Add File For Convert

Step 4: Click the selection of format icon on the right corner of the interface. After that, you navigate and click the MOV format, proceed with choosing the preferred resolution you want to apply on your converted video file. In addition, you can also customize the quality or the output of the video by clicking the gear icon.

Converting For Processing

Step 5. After you finished customizing all the details that affect the video quality of the file you want to convert. You can now convert the file by clicking the Convert All button.

Export For File

Part 3. Other Tips! How to Convert 3GP to MOV Online

Here's another choice you also need to consider using whenever you're in a rush of converting a video and you don't have time to download a software just to convert a file. Introducing Free Video Converter Online, the best online converter available on the internet that has the same feature as Video Converter Ultimate. For instance, it is able to convert a file faster than any other online tool and it also supports numerous video formats. Since this tool is easy to use it doesn't need any tutorial in order for you to use, but for some beginner users here are guidelines of procedure you need to follow:

Step 1: Click this link to proceed to the main webpage of Free Video Converter Online.

Step 2: When you're on the main webpage of Free Video Converter Online, you can now upload files from your computer by clicking Add Files to Convert.

Click Add Files For Convert

Step 3: After choosing a file you wish to convert, another window will pop up to your screen that displays your file and all the formats available below. Choose MOV at the video format selection.

Formats Available At Below

Step 4: You can also customize your video by clicking the gear icon and adjusting the resolution, video encoder, and frame rate of your video output.

Customize And Adjust

Step 5: After you adjust and customize all the details of the video output, you can now convert the file by clicking Convert.

Convert For Files

Part 4. FAQs about Converting 3GP to MOV

What are the advantages and disadvantages of MOV?

A video file format developed by Apple, MOV is widely used. MOV files contain a variety of media kinds, including videos, audio, subtitles, timecodes, and more. Both Mac and Windows versions of QuickTimePlayer are supported. MOV files take up a lot of space on a computer because they are high-quality videos.

Is 3GP a suitable video format?

The MP4 format is preferred for streaming video on your computer desktop or portable media player because it can support higher resolution video. The 3GP, on the other hand, should only be used on 3G-designed network phones for that device.

Is 3GP lossy or lossless?

3GP, which stands for Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is a video file format supported by 3G-enabled devices and named after its creator. It contains video streams encoded with the H. 263 or H. 264 codecs and audio streams encoded with the AMR or AAC codecs, making it ideal for lossy video compression. If your 3GP files are two large, you can continue reading and learn how to compress 3GP files effortlessly.


As the discussion ends, there are different options given stated above for either converting 3GP to MOV offline or online. These two are the best option you can consider in converting a file, they only differ in platform to be used, but they almost give you an easy feeling in restoring a file.


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