Comprehensive Review on WAV Metadata Editor on Window, Mac, and Online

I do have a problem with my WAV file; I found that the tags are wrong. I tried using different WAV metadata editors to fix the problem, but unfortunately, it didn't fix it. Do you have any idea how to fix it? It would be a great help. Thanks.

Have the same problem? It is natural to have this problem because the demand for the best WAV metadata editor on Windows and Mac on the market is too much. Although there are many options, it is still a pain in the butt to know if they perform well regarding this problem. So, please take a deep breath because we can solve this problem quickly with the tools we picked carefully to help you edit the tags on your WAV files. With the help of deep research and this article, we rounded them up into three different choices, and we will help you pick the best WAV editor available online and offline.

WAV Metadata Editor

Part 1. Best WAV Metadata Editor for Windows & Mac [Users Choice]

FVC Video Converter Ultimate is one of the WAV tag editors that will surely help you in this task and finish it with a few clicks. With millions of downloads, this tool has already fulfilled its job of editing the users' metadata and other purposes such as converting, editing, etc. It became popular with the users. Unlike other tag editors that you can find on the market, this tool is far different regarding editing and many more aspects because it is a professional yet easy-to-handle tool—still wondering if it is the best choice to pick this metadata editor? In that case, we will list the features you can have if you attain this converter on your desktop.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

5,689,200+ Downloads
  • It is the fastest tool to add the metadata to your media file within a few clicks.
  • It supports a wide range of audio formats starting from WAV, WMV, MP3, and 1000+ available.
  • It is the best choice for every beginner who badly needs a metadata editor on a desktop.
  • It has no file size limitation and offers a batch conversion process for multiple files.
  • Its Toolbox has many advanced features that you would love to use.

Are you amazed at the tool's functions and what it is capable of? If so, read the following details as we teach you how to edit WAV tags with the ultimate tool. Before anything else, you must download the software on your system and select which OS you are using. Follow the installation process, and click Start Now to begin.

Step 1. After you've downloaded the software, you must click the Toolbox and locate the Media Metadata Editor.

Click Toolbox

Step 2. Add the WMA file by pressing the + button, find the WMA file on your desktop folder, after you've found it click Open.

Add WAV File

Step 3. Add the information you want to add, fill up the textboxes available and press the Save button if you've done. Easy isn't it? Well, success is the last name of our converter.

Save WAV Tag


How to Convert MP3 to WAV

How to Convert M4A to WAV

Part 2. Top 2 WAV Metadata Viewers Available on the Web

Suppose you can't view the entire tags on the WAV; what should you do? In this case scenario, it is ideal to use a tag viewer on WAV. If you don't want to download a tool, you can use this meta viewer available on the web. However, these two tools can't edit WAV file metadata because they intend to view the metadata.

Free online EXIF & Metadata Viewer

Free Online EXIF

Free online EXIF & Metadata Viewer is a free online metadata viewer you can use to view the tags of the media file. With this web tool, you can see the different structures of the file you've uploaded, such as the RAW, FILE, RIFF, and COMPOSITE. This tool is one of the metadata viewers you can access that supports this much detail for free. Some tag viewers need to be purchased if you want to see so much detail on file. Although editing is impossible in the tool, it is still the best in-detailed meta viewer you can use and later add, remove or change WAV metadata with the ultimate tool we present above.


Meta 2 GO

Like the first one, Metadata2Go is a free tag viewer and extractor for your files that you can access freely on the web. This tool allows you to see the hidden metadata you have never seen on your file. If you need to view the metadata on your media file, then this is your one-stop viewer available on the web. Unlike the first tool, this tool supports even image metadata for you to view, and it can extract the data from that file if needed. Depending on the file, it can showcase your file's information. Same as the first meta viewer above, it cannot edit the tags on your media file, even on WAV. So, if you feel that the first tag viewer doesn't supply your needs, then try to use this tool. Next, use the ultimate tool and learn how to add id3 tags to WAV files if you need to correct them.

Part 3. FAQs about WAV Metadata Editor

Why can't I access the metadata on WAV?

There are many reasons you can't access them, but there are two major reasons we encounter why you can't access them. The first reason is that the file is corrupted; obviously, the metadata on the WAV will also disappear if the file is corrupt. The second is that the file has no metadata in the first place. Not all of the media files like WAV do have metadata. If you've downloaded the file on the web, then there is a chance that the author or the maker will delete that metadata not to expose information.

Is the WAV metadata the same as the MP3?

Yes, in this audio format, you will see the author's name, title, album track, genre, ratings, and many more. But you can also add to them by using a metadata editor available on MP3 or WAV, like the FVC Video Converter Ultimate.

Is it okay to upload WAV on the web?

It is not because the format is uncompressed, and it will take a lot of time uploading the file on the web. Although you can convert the format into an internet-friendly sharing format, its quality will not be as same as the WAV, especially if it is compressed.


Finally, we have found the best WAV metadata editor you can download for free, and that is the FVC Video Converter Ultimate. With this tool, you can finish this task at any time, and even your file format is different; here, all of the 1000+ formats are supported. Want to download a tool on your Mac? Well, you shouldn't turn your back and look for it because you can use the ultimate tool even if you are a Mac user.


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