How to Remove Watermark on GIF with the Best Tools on Desktop & Web

Adding a watermark on a GIF became one of the ways to secure the GIF, but what if you need to remove the watermark you add to your GIF? What should you do? Does your GIF Maker have this feature? Doesn't have a watermark remover? We know it is troublesome to have this problem, right? But no need to worry because all of these questions will have an answer later, as we found the four watermark remover you can use offline and online. These tools are handpicked from the market to provide you with the best you can see to remove the watermark on GIF.

Remove Watermark From GIF

Part 1. Easiest Way to Remove Watermark from GIF on Windows & Mac Quickly

Video Converter Ultimate can successfully help you remove the watermark from GIF, whether you want it. This tool can help you add a watermark and remove it; basically, it is an all-in-one tool you will need on your Windows or Mac. Not only that, with this tool, you can create your GIF and add the watermark you want to secure the GIF you've made. To test it out, you can follow the simple steps we provide, and that's it. With that, you've readily used the GIF without a watermark in less than a minute.

Advantages of the Video Converter Ultimate:

◆ It is the best choice to remove and add a watermark on your GIF.

◆ A user-friendly GUI can quickly help you understand what's happening to the tool's interface.

◆ The built-in ultra-fast conversion process and hardware acceleration can help you with lightning-speed importing and exporting.

◆ Available on all platforms such as Windows and Mac to download.

◆ It has the best GIF maker advanced features you can use on your desktop to create a personalized GIF.

Steps on How to Remove Watermark From GIF with the Ultimate Watermark Remover

Step 1. Kindly download the software to your computer drive by clicking the below button. Then install it, after that, launch it right away to proceed to the following procedure.

Step 2. Open the watermark remover, go to Toolbox, and look for the Video Cropper.

This only works best if the watermark you add is on the side of the GIF.

Video Cropper

Step 3. After you click the Video Cropper, a new window will show, click the + button to open the file folder on your computer, add the GIF file you want, and then press Open to proceed.

Add Video To Crop

Step 4. Crop mode will automatically enable, drag the frame ratio into the edge of the GIF that has no watermark.

Adjust Video Frame

Step 5. If you've finished with the watermark cropping, you can now click Export to download the GIF without the watermark.

Save Video Crop


Add Watermark to Video

Remove TikTok Watermark

Part 2. 3 Best Free Web Tools to Remove Watermark from GIF

With these free online tools, you can remove watermarks on GIFs. But, you’ll need to remember that these tools won’t work if you don’t have an internet connection because all of the tools are network-dependent. Also, using them might take time because it buffers as you use these web tools. So, if you want to know the free GIF remover online, read the details below.

Use Onlinegiftools

Online GIF Tool

Onlinegiftools is a free tool you can use to remove watermarks on GIFs. This tool provides the users an advance removing features like removing the background watermark of the GIF. Although the tool is impressive, removing the watermark can be complicated because it eliminates the per color pixels in the frame.

Step 1. Open the Onlinegiftools on your web browser.

Step 2. Click Import File to upload the GIF. Under background color, click the options color coder to locate the watermark color.

Step 3. Click Save As and Download after this to save the GIF on your drive.

Use WatermarkRemoveOnline

Online Watermark Remover Tool

With the WatermarkRemoveOnline, your watermark will automatically remove on the GIF. This tool is excellent for eliminating watermarks for free. It allows the users to have less hassle removing the watermark because you won't need to do it as the tools do it for you. However, some regions aren't in reach with this tool; basically, you can't download the remove watermark GIF.

Step 1. Launch the WatermarkRemoveOnline and add the GIF file by clicking the below part of the logo.

Step 2. After adding the file, the process will begin automatically and wait for it.

Step 3. Click the download button to save it to your computer.

Use Pixlr


If you want the best web tool to cancel the watermark on your GIF, then use Pixlr. Unlike the two mentioned web tools, this tool is far different because it has many functions you may want to use to remove the watermark. Although the tool is similar to Photoshop, some parts here aren't as effective as Photoshop can bring to you, especially on removing watermark from GIF, and it has a watermark at the end of export.

Step 1. Search the Pixlr and open it.

Step 2. Hit Advance Editor, add the GIF, click Open Image. After adding the GIF, click the droplet icon to blur the watermark, click on the watermark repeatedly and make sure to remove it.

Step 3. Click File then Save.

Part 3. FAQs about Removing Watermark from GIF

Does removing the watermark make the file size smaller?

The file size will change, but it will not have a significant impact because you just remove a bit of the watermark on your video. So, if the original file size and the extracted watermark aren't almost the same, the problem is in what you've used.

Why is there a blurry on my video after removing the watermark?

There is a blur on your video after you've removed the watermark because that is the tool's way of removing the watermark. It is one of the methods tools provide to remove the watermark on any video or image by blurring it.

Will the quality of the GIF change after removing the watermark?

You won't notice a change regarding quality after removing the watermark on your GIF. But some tools lower the quality of your GIF because they didn't support high-quality GIFs. So, remember to choose the right tool that supports exporting high-quality output even though you've removed the watermark from it.


After all, this blog gives us the chance to effectively remove the watermark on the GIF we’ve been using. Thus, the tools we present are effective and perfect for removing the watermark on our GIF. And yet, the Video Converter Ultimate still provides the strong suits in removing or adding a watermark on your GIF. So, if we are on the same page about the tool, then you must use it, and if we're not, you must try to download it and remove the watermark on your GIF. After that, the tool will help you quickly do it, and your mind will change about the tool's capability.

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