How to Quickly Convert MTS to MKV for Free

In short, for MPEG Transport System, the MTS file is a standard file format that supports 720p and 1080i videos. However, the output file size of this file format may be huge. Therefore, you must convert it to a file format that is widely supported and has a smaller file size like MKV format. And in this article, we present the best ways to convert MTS to MKV for free.


Part 1. 2 Best Free Online Tools that Convert MTS to MKV

FVC Free Video Converter Online

People nowadays prefer to use an online converter instead of installing a software converter. FVC Free Online Video Converter is an online converter that allows you to convert files like MTS to MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, and more. Despite being a free online converter, it does not concern the quality of your file during conversion. Nevertheless, it has features that can edit the resolution and the video or audio bitrate.

Here are the steps on how you will convert your file MTS to MKV using this free online tool:

Step 1. To use this converter, click this link to be directed to their webpage.

Step 2. The next step is to click the Add Files to Convert button to download the launcher. After the launcher is downloaded, your computer files will appear, then choose your MTS file to upload.

Upload MTS File

Step 3. After choosing your MTS file, click the MKV file below the software's interface.

Select MKV Format

Step 4. Finally, click the Convert button to convert your MTS file to an MKV file. Then wait for your file to be converted.

Convert to MKV

By following these simple steps, you can convert MTS to MKV for free and online.


Another online converter that you can use to convert files without losing the quality is by using AnyConv File Converter. This converter also converts numerous file formats, including MTS to MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, etc. However, it only has limited features. You cannot edit or change the resolution of your file. It is also web-based; therefore, you may experience having a slow conversion. Nonetheless, it is used by many people because of its convenience.

Steps on how to use AnyConv File Converter:

Step 1. Search AnyConv File Converter on your browser. After going through their website, click the Choose Files button, to select your MTS file in your computer files.

Choose File

Step 2. After selecting your MTS file, click the drop-down button and choose the MKV file format.

Choose MKV Format

Step 3. Lastly, click the Convert button to start your MTS to MKV file conversion.

Convert Your File

Part 2. Convert MTS to MKV on Windows 10/11 Losslessly

If you are looking for a converter for your Windows 10/11, FVC Video Converter Ultimate is the best tool for you. It supports various file formats and can convert MTS to MKV, MP4, WebM, VOB, MPG, AVI, and many more. In addition, this converter has a feature where you can create GIFs, and even create a 3D video.You can also convert MTS to MKV quickly and effortlessly without losing the quality of your file.

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

FVC Video Converter Ultimate

5,689,200+ Downloads
  • You can batch convert your files with this converter.
  • Allows you to convert various file formats like MTS, MKV, MP4, WMV, etc.
  • Has a feature that lets you have an ultra-fast conversion.

Here is how you can use FVC Video Converter Ultimate with these simple steps:

Step 1. First, download the app by clicking the Download button below for Windows. Then run the software application to proceed to the next step.

Step 2. After opening the converter, click the Add Files button, or you can drag and drop your file to the + sign button to upload your MTS file. Then your file will be uploaded to the list.

Drag and Drop

Step 3. To choose the file format you want to convert your MTS file, click the Convert All to button and select the MKV file.

Covert to MKV

Step 4. To finish, click the Convert All button to start converting your MTS file to an MKV file. And voila! In just a few seconds, your converted file is ready.

All Convert

By following those simple steps, you can convert MTS to MKV as quickly as 1-2-3!

Part 3. Why Convert MTS File to MKV File Format

MTS file, in short for MPEG Transport System, is a standard file format mainly used by SONY and Panasonic HD camcorders. It is a file that uses MPEG4/H.264 video compression. Moreover, it supports 720p and 1080i videos, which other file formats do not support. Since Panasonic and Sony developed this file, it uses an Advanced Audio Coding File related to the AVCHD file format. On the other hand, MKV file or Matroska is a standard file format that supports many audio and video codecs. It is usually being used to store short video clips and movies.

Moreover, it also supports subtitle tracks. That is why numerous fan-subbing people use this file format. So why convert MTS to MKV? Simply because the file size of MKV is smaller than the MTS file format contains.

Part 4. Comparison Chart about the Online & Offline Converters

FEATURES FVC Free Online Converter AnyConv File Converter FVC Video Converter Ultimate
Conversion Speed Normal Normal Very Fast
File Formats to Convert MKV, MP4, MTS, MPG, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, and other file formats MTS, MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, and other formats Supports over 1000 file formats
Editing Features Tick Mark
Batch Conversion Tick Mark
Internet Connection Needed Needed Not Needed

Part 5. FAQs about Converting MTS to MKV

Can you lower the file size of a MTS file?

Yes. You can compress the file size of an MTS file by using a compressor tool that is available online and offline, like Free Video Compressor.

Where can you play MKV file formats?

You can play MKV files in Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, DivX Player, MX Player, and more. You can also use media codecs to encode and decode media files. Or, you can convert your MKV file to MP4 file format, which is a widely used format.

Can you convert MTS to MKV in Handbrake?

Yes. This converter also allows you to convert your MTS file to MKV file format. However, it does not support multiple files and cannot combine them into one.


There are a lot of online and offline converters that are available in the market nowadays. And the converters that we listed above are one of the file converters that are being used by many, and proven to be a fantastic converter to use. Moreover, these converters have different features and capability in converting MTS to MKV for free online. But if you are looking for a convenient and efficient converter, we recommend using FVC Video Converter Ultimate. This lightning speed converter will not fail your expectations about it. So, if you are ready to convert files, download it now!


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