How to Crop a GIF with the Help of the Best GIF Croppers

Choosing the right GIFs for the message is a must to deliver the right tone on what you are pertaining to. But some GIFs need to be cropped to show the real intention of the GIFs. Also, if you ever try to crop your GIFs the quality of the GIFs shouldn't be affected and it should retain the same fps. At some point, choosing the right cropper to crop your GIF might be a bit hard. Because not all tools deliver you the cropping ability. And some of the tools that have a cropping ability lose the quality and fps of the GIFs. In this article you can choose your best GIF cropper, all of the tools that are listed have already been tested by us to provide you with the correct evidence. Also, we provide you the best GIF cropper available on all platforms and how to use it. Continue reading this write-up to know more about it.

GIF Copper

Part 1. The Best GIF Cropper that Supports Windows & Mac Operating Systems

1. FVC Free Video to GIF Maker

This tool is available on all platforms like Windows and Mac. It is the best animated gif cropper developed by the FVC this is the FVC Free Video to GIF Maker. This software allows their users to explore and improve their already made GIFs or if they want to create new GIFs as well. So, if you're looking to crop your GIF this tool helps you to do it even without any internet connections. So, crop your GIF to be more distinguishable with ease and in an effective way. To know how to crop your GIF follow the steps below to know more.

Step 1. Install the tool into your drive and adjust the preference according to your demand.

Step 2. A mini-interface like this will show on your screen after launching the tool.

Mini Interface Like

Step 3. Click the Add File or you may as well drag and drop the video file into the tool interface.

Click The Add File

Step 4. Hit the Edit to enhance your GIF. Go to the Crop and adjust the size of your GIF. You may as well change the Aspect Ratio and Zoom Mode as well. Click Apply to save the adjustment you have made.

Edit To Enhance

Step 5. Click the Convert to start the conversion of your video to GIF. If the conversion is completed, you can check the final output to the file explorer by typing the name of the video.

Conversion Of Your Video


  • All the minor features are available here.
  • It is much better than the online tool and some of the downloadable tools as well.
  • Create your GIF with ease with this tool.


  • You can't use major features that the Ultimate version provides.
  • It supports lesser format video rather than the premium version.

2. Video Converter Ultimate

The free version of this tool can do the simple work but its premium version is the best GIF cropper. Video Converter Ultimate is not only just in name but also that this tool is the ultimate in converting any video to a GIF file. Unlike its free version and the tool below, this tool can make your simple GIF a more splendid one. Transform your GIF to an outstanding by adding effects that this tool can only provide. It also provides conversion of a video into GIF, like MP4 to GIF, merging videos into one, 3D maker, and many more. So, use this tool as your personal cropper and it will never let you down. Moreover, continue reading the steps below to know how to crop your GIF to deliver a more specific message to your receiver.

Step 1. Before you may use this tool, you'll need to download it. Install the tool to your drive, change the preferences according to your demand, and click finish to start running the tool to your screen.

Step 2. If the tool is completely downloaded to your drive. A manageable interface like this will show up on your screen. Click the Toolbar and in the toolbar click the GIF Maker.

Downloaded To Your Drive

Step 3. To add the video, click the Video to GIF and locate the GIF you want to crop or edit as well. After selecting the video click the Open to start the GIF Maker.

Click The Video To GIF

Step 4. Click the button with a star image on it to start editing. Click the Rotate & Crop to start cropping the GIF. You may as well add effects & filters, watermark, and subtitles as well. If everything is done adjusting, hit the OK to save changes.

Button With A Star

Step 5. Change the location where you want to save the final output for easier find. Click the Generate GIF to start the conversion. If the conversion is 100% done find the final output to where did want to save it or in the file manager.

The Final Output


  • Your go-to use tool if you want to enhance your GIF into a much more interactive one. Use your imagination to spice the things up into your GIFs.
  • It can make your GIF into an impressive output by using the major features it provides that the other premium version can't provide.
  • More than a million users choose this tool as their first-choice premium version tool.


  • To use the tool, you must provide payment first but it is not so expensive for sure. So, you must expect nothing less if you bought this tool.
  • Download the tool before you launch it. Even if you don't have internet, you can still use this tool because it is not internet dependent.

Part 2. Top 5 Best GIF Cropper You May Access Over the Internet

1. iLoveIMG


Crop your GIF with the help of this GIF cropper online. iLoveIMG is known as the best online GIF, JPG, and PNG cropper online. Although the tool can't convert videos to a GIF format because it only focuses on enhancing your GIF, JPG and PNG only. But also, the website interface is more than expected because it is not just as simple but it is more interactive. So, expect not to get bored while using the website. To rate it is a 7 out of 10 which is great for an online web-based application.


  • Best to enhance your GIF, JPG, and PNG.
  • The interface of the website is amazingly beautiful.
  • No need to download.


  • There is a chance of data loss may occur if the connection has been interrupted.
  • You can't convert video format into a GIF format.

2. RedKetchup

Red Ketchup

If iLoveIMG is not the one for you then you must try to use this online GIF cropper. RedKetchup is very informative because of the description it provides on each of the editing tools it gives. So, it becomes easier for you to understand how this feature functions if you don't have an idea about it. Also, you can convert your images into a GIF, PNG, JPG, WEBP, and more. It supports more formats than the iLoveIMG but the down side of this tool is that the interface of the webpage is so boring. The whole background of the website is only in the color of white and the one thing that has color in it is the RedKetchup name and icon.


  • It supports more image formats than the iLoveIMG.
  • Each tool feature has a brief description so the user may understand its functions.
  • It is a free online tool.


  • The webpage of this tool is so boring to look at because of the monotone color of it.
  • There is a chance that the file will not be saved properly if your internet is unstable.

3. Kapwing

The Kapwing

This tool has almost the same features as Photoshop but it is online. It is the best GIF frame cropper online. Kapwing is known for creating the best GIF you want to share with your friends. Unlike the first two tools above, this tool supports some of the video formats to convert them into a GIF format. Although, learning how to use this tool will take some of your time but it will be worth it. But if you want to create a simple GIF then this tool is the best at doing that. This tool has almost the same features as Photoshop but it is online. It is the best GIF frame cropper online. Kapwing is known for creating the best GIF you want to share with your friends. Unlike the first two tools above, this tool supports some of the video formats to convert them into a GIF format. Although, learning how to use this tool will take some of your time but it will be worth it. But if you want to create a simple GIF then this tool is the best at doing that.


  • The interface of the tool website will give you almost the same vibe with Photoshop.
  • Convert your video to a GIF format.
  • Basic editing features are provided.


  • Processing of the video's final output will always be dependent on how fast your internet is. So having a lot of patience is needed to produce the final output.
  • You'll need to sign up to remove the watermark from your output. So, expect a mail on every update it says and some annoying announcements. Because you let them access your account.



You can crop your GIFs with this GIF cropper without quality loss. GIFGIFs provides you with the best already done GIFs online. You can choose from the categories it provides like alphabet, sports, anime, clothing, etc. Also, this tool only provides the best feature to enhance your but you can also optimize JPG and PNG as well.


  • It is a good choice to enhance your GIF into a better one.
  • It supports optimizing JPEG, PNG and GIF.
  • Choose already done GIFs on its category sections.


  • It doesn't provide a search bar so it is hard to find the perfect GIF you want to use.
  • The interface is okay. It is nothing special or should we say it is not good but not bad.



Choose this as your first-choice free GIF cropper online but it also can be upgraded into a premium version if you want. The VEED.IO is one of the best online tools to enhance your GIFs into a better one. But the free version of the tool only supports 50mb of GIF file size and to add more file size you must buy the premium version of the tool.


  • It provides a great editing feature to make your GIF better.
  • Simple user interface.
  • You can add subtitles if you want too as well.


  • It doesn't provide a 3D maker to improve your 2D images.
  • On some occasions the software crashes when you try to zoom in on the timeline.

Part 3. FAQs About GIF Cropper

Is there any format better than the GIF format?

Although it is very well known that GIF is the best motion image format on the web. But did you know that there is a better format rather than GIF? This is the APNG. This format provides a more color pallet than the GIF and it is better in compression as well. But you can also use WEBP, MNG, FLIF, and AVIF.

What is the reason why GIFs are created?

In late 1987, a named Steve Wilhite asked himself if there is a chance to create a small file size of an image computer display and that time as well GIF was born. To know more about GIFs, you can click here.

Which one is better? JPG or GIF?

JPG format provides you a more detailed image because it supports a wide range of color so it is the best at taking photographs. The GIF provides a small amount of color palette but it is good at making a static image.


To end the discussion, you must choose the best GIF cropper that will provide you the cropping you need. Without affecting the quality of the GIF, itself even you crop it in. But it is clearer that you must choose the ultimate tool developed by the FVC. Because it provides you with the best GIFs features you want to add into your GIF to make it look more outstanding rather than the other GIFs. So, cropping your GIF is easier than ever if you use the Video Converter Ultimate.

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